Manchester declares ‘major incident’ over rising Covid-19 infections

GREATER MANCHESTER declared a “major incident” today following a rise in coronavirus infections across the area. The classification, usually invoked after terrorist attacks More...

Tory failure to act on allegation of rape ‘sends message of immunity’

TORY inaction over rape allegations against a senior MP sends a message that “with power comes immunity,” women’s rights groups have warned.  Reports emerged yesterday More...

‘Nuclear weapons are incompatible with action on climate,’ report warns

CAMPAIGNERS called for a “vigorous and united” movement to abolish nuclear weapons today, as a new report warned of the bomb’s role in climate catastrophe. Ahead of the More...

TikTok Trump don’t stop

Trump and Microsoft combine to escalate tensions with China in the run up to the presidential election, writes Shabbir Lakha Counterfire Daily  More...

How we won: interview with a Bexley refuse worker

Jamal Elaheebocus interviewed Damien Stewart about the Bexley refuse workers’ victory for improved pay and working conditions Counterfire Daily  More...

Off you go, then! Most Germans in favor of US troops’ pull-out from their country – poll

Donald Trump is withdrawing US troops from Germany to ‘punish’ Berlin for buying Russian gas and for not contributing More...

‘N***er brown’: Amazon blasted for outrageously offensive product description

Amazon has again found itself amid a swirl of controversy, after online shoppers spotted that the e-commerce giant More...

Hands, Face, Space… SPIKE?

A coronavirus spike means a tightening of Britain’s lockdown and a Tory MP blames ethnic minorities....

Lawfare Is an Attack on Free Speech and a Threat to Democracy

Journalist John Ware has declared he is suing the former leader of the Labour party, Jeremy...

The Tenants Taking on Their Billionaire Landlord

Jordan Osserman was knocking on doors in his east London apartment block in late April, asking...

Battle of the heavyweights

Body:  Jan Goodey reports on the legal bid to save the Amazon fringe that could set a worldwide More...

Criminalizing hunger

Body:  In Chile, state security forces are increasingly detaining, beating and harassing the volunteers of community-led soup kitchens. Carole Concha Bell..

Why do churches still have £18 million invested in fossil fuels?

Body:  Despite pledging to divest from fossil fuels in 2018, the Church of England regional dioceses continue to profit from companies..

The nationalist unconscious

‘Skulls with real names’. Tijuana border wall. Photo by Quim Gil. ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’ More...

Feminism in the precarious academy

International Women’s Day rally at Leeds University during the 2018 USS Pension Strikes The university is not built for us.  We..

US Election 2020: America’s Rising Progressive Tide

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Photo by nrkbeta. Beneath the daily manic grotesques of the Trump presidency, a sea change has been building in..

The Law and Justice Party’s Moral Pseudo-Revolution

Andrzej Duda’s re-election has been characterized as yet another victory for the global populist right, and a rejection of neoliberalism. But..

Jeremy Corbyn and the new mainstream

Tweeting earlier in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech, Ed Miliband observed that the centre ground had moved and was being shaped..

Pizza workers fight to win their stolen slice

Papa John’s workers in Sheffield have won a huge victory against a local franchise owner and have finally been paid their..

Pizza workers fight to win their stolen slice

Papa John’s workers in Sheffield have won a huge victory against a local franchise owner and have finally been paid their..

I’m a Care Home worker, and the government are intentionally killing old people – either that or they’re beyond incompetent

Covid-19, Coronavirus, was announced in China in late November 2019. My Care Assistant collegues and I saw the impending danger. We..