Burning coal

Photo Ray Hornsay/Creative Commons Morning Star  More...

Local lockdowns could stretch on for months without enough funding for councils, Labour warns

LABOUR sounded the alarm today over fears that councils will be unable to safely lift Leicester-style local coronavirus lockdowns for months on end due to lack of cash and More...

Nurseries in disadvantaged areas are facing permanent closures from Covid-19 crisis

NURSERIES in the most disadvantaged areas are facing permanent closures due to financial difficulties exacerbated by the Covid-19 crisis, research by the Sutton Trust revealed More...

Ernie O’Malley’s On Another Man’s Wound: books that made me a socialist

An anti-imperialist personal account chosen by Chris Bambery Counterfire Daily  More...

We have everything to fear from Johnson’s spin and incompetence – CounterBlast

Boris Johnson’s pathetic attempt to compare himself to Roosevelt will fool nobody as the gap grows between his rhetoric and reality, argues Sean Ledwith Counterfire Daily  More...

At least 24 killed in armed attack on Mexican drug rehab clinic

Twenty-four people were shot dead after a group of gunmen stormed a drug rehab center in Central Mexico and opened fire on More...

India to ban Chinese firms from road projects as tensions mount over border dispute

Chinese companies will be barred from developing India’s roads and highways, the country’s transport minister More...

The Policing We Have Seen and Experienced at the Black Lives Matter Protests Is Racist

The mainstream discourse around Black Lives Matter protests in the UK has often dismissed the need...

Long-Bailey’s Sacking Shows How Antisemitism Has Been Dangerously Redefined

First, the obvious. When the Daily Telegraph cloaks its racist opposition to Black Lives Matter by...

Black Britannia: There Is a Long, Racist History of Police Surveillance of Black Communities

The current Black Lives Matter protests are once again exposing issues of police racism and brutality,...

The Kurds: Betrayed again

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The Kurds: Betrayed again

While the world’s attention is on the Covid-19 pandemic, Turkey is ramping up its war against the Kurds – in Syria,..

The UK is taking aid back to its colonial roots

Body:  The government’s decision to scrap the Department for International Development will set back efforts to fix global inequalities by decades,..

Feminism in the precarious academy

International Women’s Day rally at Leeds University during the 2018 USS Pension Strikes The university More...

US Election 2020: America’s Rising Progressive Tide

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Photo by nrkbeta. Beneath the daily manic grotesques of the Trump presidency, a sea change has been building in..

What do we do now?

This defeat is painful. Not least for those who will be hit hardest. Over 130,000 people have already been killed by..

What DACA Means for Immigrant Workers

The Supreme Court’s ruling on DACA grants union workers like Nelson Iraheta some peace of mind. But his future hangs on..

Jeremy Corbyn and the new mainstream

Tweeting earlier in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech, Ed Miliband observed that the centre ground had moved and was being shaped..

The South Sea Bubble: England’s first stock market crisis 300 years ago

The South Sea Bubble was not an exceptional event but the first of many crises produced by the inescapable tendencies of capitalism, argues..

Union membership rising: workers organise against Tories and bosses

Trade union membership is on the rise in the UK. This should come as no surprise, given the dire situation that..

I’m a Care Home worker, and the government are intentionally killing old people – either that or they’re beyond incompetent

Covid-19, Coronavirus, was announced in China in late November 2019. My Care Assistant collegues and I saw the impending danger. We..