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The site is a non profit making enterprise intended to assist in the search for honest News. We aim to offer readers the chance to make up their minds about what is the truthful news. The News feeds are streamed live from a variety of News sources. As many Left wing publications are included as possible from mainstream publications. However it is a sad fact that there is a shortage of high quality Left wing sources. Most of the mainstream press is clearly right wing and owned  by people who intend to keep it that way. All feeds used are legal and reputable. The site includes a comprehensive list of news publications with links to 248 Newsfeeds all in one place. These publications are by no means of the Left and are included to allow readers to make their own considered opinions. It is very difficult to give a balanced view of the News because of the industry domination by right wing sources. But often the way that the news has been presented with a definite right wing slant allows the discerning reader to read between the lines and come to a reasoned conclusion. Readers  must make up their own minds from the information that we present. The site can easily be added to your phone, tablet or pc for easy access.

Enjoy the site.

Tony Free

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