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Back-stop? Sit down and shutup


A couple of years after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, which was internationally ratified and overwhelmingly supported by the war-tired people of Northern Ireland (with the notable exception of the DUP), Michael Gove wrote a big stupid 58 page argument for ripping it up and going back to fighting the IRA.  This is typical of the thinking of Brexiteers on the far right of the Conservative Party: Rees-Mogg, IDS, the DUP et al.

In 1922 the Irish were told that their country was going to be carved up as Britain saw fit, or face "immediate and bloody war".  Nearly 100 years later and thousands of deaths that were the result of a British border in Ireland imposed on the Irish people against their will, there are a group of Tories who are offended that the Irish, who were never more than a colonial after-thought (if that), won't be fobbed off by pie in the sky technological solutions to the border issue, and can't see why a hard border can't be put back up if not having one means they can't crash out of the customs union and single market on their terms whilst keeping Belfast as British as Finchley.

Whose right is it to tell them what should happen in Northern Ireland- it belongs to them and they can do with it as they jolly well please, as they've always done.  Once the paras could put some manners on those seditious paddies by dishing out rough justice on the civilian catholic population on the streets of Belfast and Derry with impunity.   Gove, Rees-Mogg, IDS, and the DUP can stand in parliament and whinge about back-stops all they like, but now there's 27 European nation states calmly, patiently, and firmly telling them to sit down and shut up.

Jack Hairbrain