Published On: Tue, Dec 24th, 2019

Corbyn is too soft on Putin’s ‘grotesque influence’ in UK, Michael Gove tells RT despite BoJo’s assurance there’s no influence

Tory Party minister Michael Gove has accused Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn of failing “to stand up to Vladimir Putin,” even as his own boss Boris Johnson said he’s seen “no evidence” of Russian interference in the UK.

Weakness before Putin is an insult slung by lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic, and Gove deployed it again on Friday, telling RT that he thinks Jeremy Corbyn has “failed to stand up to Vladimir Putin,” demonstrating that he “won’t stand up for Britain.”

Citing the still-unproven Skripal affair as an example of “Russian interference in the most grotesque way,” Gove blasted Corbyn for not jumping on the bandwagon and condemning Putin for the incident. Establishment UK officials assumed Russian involvement in the poisoning from the outset, and used the assumption as a pretext for sanctions and a sharp decline in diplomacy, when they expelled over 20 Russian diplomats last March.

Furthermore, a report into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 Brexit vote – shelved until after next month’s election – has also found no evidence behind those allegations. Prime Minister Boris Johnson added last week that he has seen “no evidence” of “any Russian interference in any British democratic event.”

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