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Facts you should know about Israel

1. 1948 Zionist groups formed Israel and expelled 750,000 Palestinians who lived there.

2. The Palestinian refugees expelled after 1947/48 are denied any rights. Houses, land, apartments and bank accounts were confiscated by the State of Israel. They are still not allowed to return. Yet people of the Jewish religion from anywhere in the world have the automatic right to Israeli citizenship and residence.

3) Palestine is under illegal Military Occupation in violation of International law and trial for Palestinians is by Military Courts not civil courts. Military checkpoints for Palestinians

4) More than 50 separate laws for Palestinians only – most adopted since 2000. Laws are racist and illegal.

5) Land Law – Land can only be owned by or leased to Jewish citizens.

6) In March 2018 Israel passed a law to revoke residency rights of any Palestinian to reside in Jerusalem on the grounds of " breach of loyalty to Israel".

7) A ban on Family Unification , when the spouse is an Israeli citizen and the other is a resident of the occupied territories.

8) Child Detention Centres for Palestinians - illegal under International Law

9) Apartheid reinforced by separate roads for Palestinians.

10) A 700km Apartheid Wall in the occupied territories 3x the height of the old Berlin Wall

11) Palestinian house demolitions to make way for settler expansion.

12) Poisoned Water Wells and reduced electricity supply - in Gaza only 6 hours per day.

13) The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has urged the State of Israel to "prohibit and eradicate it's policies of Racial segregation and Apartheid". Even the US accepts that Palestinians face ' institutional and societal discrimination". … Tony Laborman

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PLEASE NOTE: I am totally committed to removing all forms of anti-Semitism. This posting is intended to portray facts. If you consider that any of the information is incorrect please let me know why and I will investigate then adjust accordingly if any of the facts are not correct.

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