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Why JLM does not represent Jewish Labour Members and JVL Does!

1. JLM has proposed a change to the Labour Party Membership rules based on the Macpherson definition of a racist incident. This would shut down debate on Israel because it classes pro-Palestinian, pro-boycott or anti-Israel statements as antisemitic.

2. JLM was, founded in 2004 as successor organisation to Poale Zion affiliated to the Labour Party in 1920. JLM is affiliated to the World Zionist Organization, which channels funds to the illegal settlements.

3. JLM is also affiliated to the Israeli Labour Party who state “we wish to separate from as many Palestinians as possible, as quickly as possible....we’ll erect a big wall between us. That is the kind of co-existence that is possible right now.” In April, Israeli Labour Party leader said “we shouldn’t give the impression of being “Arab lovers.”

4. Despite being called the Jewish Labour Movement membership of the Labour party is not a membership requirement.

5. JLM support the Israeli government’s 2018 Nation State Law which states only Jewish people have the right to self determination. This law is declared illegal under international law.

Why JVL does represent Labour’s Jewish members

1. JVL was formed in 2017 to be more representative of Jewish Labour party members. Membership of the Labour Party is a requirement. … Tony Laborman

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PLEASE NOTE: I am totally committed to removing all forms of anti-Semitism. This posting is intended to portray facts. If you consider that any of the information is incorrect please let me know why and I will investigate then adjust accordingly if any of the facts are not correct.

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