Published On: Wed, Apr 1st, 2020

Kiwi police to whoever stole Covid-19 testing tent: Please return it… and get tested ASAP

The derogatory term ‘covidiot’ has been given a new flair in New Zealand, where somebody went to the effort of cutting off a Covid-19 testing tent bolted to the concrete and stealing it. Police now urge the thieves to be tested.

The theft happened in Botany in the eastern suburbs of Auckland and was discovered by medical staff on Tuesday morning when they came to open the station.

“Some fool idiot came and stole our tent,” said Loretta Hansen, the CEO of East Health Trust, the healthcare provider handling the testing. “They just chopped it off.

“It is very difficult to know what they think they are going to use it for,” she told the New Zealand Herald.

A replacement tent was provided so the station could get back to work. The local police say whoever was behind the crime may need its services now after possibly contracting the coronavirus.

“If you’ve got that tent or you know where it is, we’re quite happy if you just could let us know anonymously where we can pick it up from. You might save yourself a bit of trouble,” Sergeant Brett Meale said.

If you have been in contact with that tent, I’d suggest you get yourself along here and get yourself tested for Covid yourself, cheers.

New Zealand currently has 708 confirmed and probable Covid-19 cases, including 14 patients treated at hospitals according to the latest update.

A woman in her 70s who succumbed to the disease last week is the only person killed by the pandemic in the country so far.

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