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Labour’s Anti-Semetism row is not over yet

The idea that Labour’s adoption of the full Anti-Semitism description will put a stop to claims that Labour is inherently racist, is very naive. Every time Israel is criticised the Blairites will cry racist. The NEC refused to back Jeremy Corbyn’s additions to the rule and they will live to regret that action. They should have stood their ground because now they have laid open every comment made about Israel to criticism and scrutiny. This is a day of shame for the party that was already one of the least racist parties in the world. The phoney criticisms from the likes of Margaret Hodge and Tony Blair have been endorsed because Labour has today agreed to the terms that these mischievous individuals were insisting on. Corbyn has my full support but the current party has shown that they are not completely behind him and I can’t wait for re-selection to start getting the real party back. Re-selection is the only way to get Labour fully back where it should be on the road to socialism.