Published On: Sun, Feb 16th, 2020

Overpowering crosswind makes airliner HOVER above runway during landing at London’s Heathrow (VIDEO)

A passenger jet landing in London pulled off a stunning landing as it reportedly battled Storm Dennis’ powerful winds. The aircraft made an almost vertical landing, at times hovering over the runway as it attempted to touch down.

Incredible footage shows the airplane, identified as an Etihad-operated Airbus A380, approaching Heathrow Airport. But instead of a standard, smooth landing, the aircraft struggles to reach the runway due to incredibly powerful crosswinds. The video emerged as the UK is hit by Storm Dennis.

The plane approaches the runway nearly vertically, hovering meters above the ground as it tries to safely land. At one point, the intense winds push the floating airliner away from the runway, but the aircraft’s skillful pilots quickly make the necessary corrections once they hit the ground.

A similarly impressive landing was caught on camera earlier this month, when an aircraft approaching Heathrow successfully battled crosswinds from Storm Ciara.

The UK has been hit by powerful back-to-back storms, paralyzing much of the country’s transportation. Some jets arriving at Heathrow have been forced to abort their landings due to strong winds.

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