Published On: Tue, Mar 31st, 2020

WATCH: Migrant workers & their families forced to take open-air CHEMICAL BATH in Indian city

Horrifying video has emerged online showing migrant workers entering the Indian city of Bareilly being forced to undergo a humiliating public disinfection in which authorities doused entire groups with sanitizer solution.

The migrants were fully clothed and had their luggage with them when they were asked to keep their eyes closed while officials in biohazard protection suits hosed them down with chlorine mixed with water at a checkpoint on the outskirts of the city.

The officer in charge, Ashok Gautam, confirmed that the public disinfection took place but was apparently unrepentant.  

“We tried to keep them safe, asked them to shut their eyes,” he said. “It’s natural they will get wet. It was our attempt to get the clothes wet as it would be better so that whatever signs of virus possibly on [clothes] will get destroyed.”

Gautam added that the incident occurred due to a huge sudden influx of migrants via special buses arranged by the government and that it would not happen again as the rush into the area had subsided. 

However, local district magistrate Nitish Kumar has ordered that the officials responsible for the egregious and over zealous ‘public bath’ be sanctioned. The migrants involved are reportedly being treated under the direction of the local chief medical officer.

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