The original concept behind Left Insider was to provide the latest news from reliable left wing sources all on one site at no cost. Initially comments were allowed  for each news item but it soon became apparent that the amount of work required to maintain the site Admin was huge and completely disproportionate to the benefit coming from the posts. So I took the decision to switch off all comments. That reduced the sites bandwidth considerably and got rid of any time wasting bloggers at a stroke. Because the site runs on automatic feeds I am easily able to maintain the site.

Having got the site established with a healthy following I would like to go to the next level and include columns  or individual articles by budding Left wing authors. There will not be any financial reward for autors but there will be the benefit of extra traffic to your FB and  Twitter pages. All articles on the site can easily be shared to social media with the obvious mutual benefit.

If you would like to be part of this project just let me know what your aims are and what type of articles you would like to provide and how often. If you want to specialise on a subject please also include that info. It could be Trade unions, Blairite residue current plans or any relevent area of your choice.

I am always open to suggestions and my motivation is simply driven by an honest desire to work towards a socialist world and currently to get Jeremy Corbyn installed as a Labour Prime Minister.

I am not a believer in a broad church Labour party as I think that socialism is quite broad enough. That does not include New Labour philosophies as I classify them as Tory.

If you want to contribute please let me know of contact@leftinsider.uk or my own email of tonyfree1@yahoo.co.uk. My FB name is Tony Laborman and Twitter name is leftinsider . My Facebook page is also Leftinsider

In solidarity

Tony Free

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