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Mad world: capitalism and the rise of mental illness

What if it's not us who are sick, asks Rod Tweedy, but a system at odds with who we are as social beings? …More

A decade after the start of the crash, economic power is in our hands – we must take it..

The Economic Crash 10 Years on

By Ann Pettifor

Politics – Explanations and Solutions

This week the Conservative MP George Freeman suggested a Conservative Ideas Festival as a response to Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity at Glastonbury, asking ‘why is it the left who have all the fun in politics?’…..More

Tory Glastonbury? Money can’t buy you cultural relevance

With the new nuclear ban treaty, it’s time to scrap Trident – and spend the money on our NHS

As a doctor, I want to see money spent on healthcare not warfare, writes David McCoy - Britain should join the growing international movement for disarmament…..More

For The Many

IMPORTANT: This years Labour Party National Policy Report can be viewed HERE  The report was added to Labour Membersnet without informing members. Members have a right to read it


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Rail Fares Set to Rise at Fastest rate in 5 Years

   Oscar Webb 15thAug

The hike in rail fares will make life even harder for struggling households seeing the cost of goods and services rising, wages dropping and consumer debt growing.

Rail fares will increase by 3.6 per cent next year, the government announced today, adding yet more pressure to households suffering stagnating wages and incomes squeezed by inflation.

Millions of rail users will suffer the greatest fare increase in five years whilst prices of other goods and services continue to grow at 2.6 per cent per year with inflation, today’s ONS figures showed.

The hike in the cost of rail travel, which will come into effect in January 2018 and is pegged to July’s 3.6 per cent retail price index (RPI) increase, was slammed by rail unions.

The RMT general secretary, Mick Cash, said that the increase in fares were a direct result of privatisation, which was bad for passengers and staff:


Only corporate democratisation can stop the growing polarisation of pay in UK

Prem Sikka 15th Aug

Companies should have a two-tier system of corporate management, a new board of stakeholders balancing out the power of the shareholders.


Government ‘concealing’ crisis in local mental health care by redefining what local means

By Oscar Webb 15th Aug

Children and parents are being forced to travel hundreds of miles to access care which is classed as 'local' by new government definition.  ….More

Nine out of ten major NHS hospital trusts do not have enough nurses

By Oscar Webb 14th Aug

Whilst there’s no money for nurses the health secretary found £44k for a new bathroom in the Department of Health. More

The hypocrisy of Western nuclear policy has led to the North Korea crisis

The only long-term solution to the stand off between the USA and North Korea is full nuclear disarmament of all states around the globe.  …More

By Molly Scott-Cato 14th Aug

Rejected Blairite David Milliband tries to fool us about Brexit but no one’s buying it.

While Jeremy Hunt squanders £44k of our money on a bathroom Labour proves it’s serious about saving the NHS

Theresa May must be having a terrible holiday as new data reveals that Corbyn is on course for a  huge victory

In just a few words Jeremy Corbyn shows the Tories how much of a threat he is.

We need to talk about Grenfell because the numbers just don’t add up

Why rallies work

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. Rallies in politics matter, and you needn’t take my word for it any more as Alia Middleton at the LSE has crunched the numbers. She found that where Theresa May set down during the election campaign, her visits had little appreciable effect on the outcome in those seats. When Jeremy Corbyn rolled into town for one of his rallies, the party vote share change went up almost double versus constituencies he didn’t visit. Amaze.

Aug 15th, 2017

by Phil Burton-Cartledge

Five reasons why a new centre party is a stupid idea

Aug 14th, 2017 by Phil Burton-Cartledge

It’s truly silly season if talk of a new centre party is abroad yet again. James Chapman, ex-Daily Mail and former office boss in David Davis’s Department for Exiting the European Union sparked off the latest chittery-chattery in a series of pointed posts on yours and mine’s favourite social media outlet. …More


Macron the Sun King – or the Louis who lost his head?

Emmanuel Macron’s surprise victory in France to potentially unchecked political power has invited comparisons with all powerful leaders of the Hexagon’s past. Is he the Sun King, the most supreme of all Europe’s absolute monarchs? Or perhaps like another King Louis, XVI, who faced a revolt of the masses and lost his head. …More

The Data Protection Bill Explained

Aug 17, 2017 Josh Hamilton

Prior to the 2017 general election, we look very briefly at the Conservative proposals to introduce and strengthen consumer data protection online, including their manifesto pledge to give young people the right to have any information, videos, or photos from … More

The Mysterious Disappearance Of Elisa Lam

Aug 12, 2017 Sam McDonald

In February 2013, 21-year-old Canadian student, Elisa Lam, was found dead in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California. A police investigation and public discussion have still yet to pinpoint the exact cause … More

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been left humiliated after trying to takedown Stephen Hawking’s scientific analysis. The renowned physicist first accused Hunt of making a mockery of science for political gain:  More

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been left humiliated after trying to takedown Stephen Hawking’s scientific analysis.