LIVING EXPERIENCE: Modernist housing estate on Grunwaldzki Square in Wroclaw, 1967-1975 by the multi-award winning architect Jadwiga Grabowska-Hawrylak Photo Andrei Dzmitryi/CC  Facebook  Twitter  Tumblr  Linkedin  Pinterest


Recognising alternative intelligences in the expansive taxonomy of life Photo John/CC  Facebook  Twitter  Tumblr  Linkedin  Pinterest


(L to R) Robert McNamara, Lt Col David Clement and Maj Gen Lewis and W Walt en route to the Le My City Hall during McNamara’s visit to the Marine…


(L to R) A wall with the names of the victims of state terrorism (1974-1983) in the Remembrance Park in Buenos Aires; Grenfell Tower Photo (L to R) Mauricio V…