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Boris Johnson Says He Wants A ‘Brexit Jet’ To Help UK Conquer The World

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said he would like to have a “Brexit plane” to help him travel the world and promote the Government’s vision of Global Britain.Johnson acknowledged that taxpayers would baulk at the cost of buying a jet for ministers, but said he thought the spending would be justified if it was not “exorbitant”.He complained the RAF Voyager jet which is shared by the Prime Minister, senior Cabinet members…

Labour To Force Commons Vote On Salary Cut For Chris Grayling

Labour frontbenchers are set to force a Commons vote on whether transport secretary Chris Grayling should have his salary cut.Jeremy Corbyn’s party will use an opposition day on Wednesday to table a “censure motion” calling for Grayling’s ministerial salary to be docked by £2,400 a year over his handling of the East Coast Mainline rail franchise.The government announced last week that it would renationalise the line following a string of failures…

Home Secretary Sajid Javid To Tell Police ‘I Get It’ After Years Of Austerity

Home Secretary Sajid Javid will tell police “I get it” as he faces the rank-and-file officers bearing the brunt of austerity. In his first major speech since taking the post, Javid will offer an olive branch to personnel at the Police Federation conference, following years of acrimony over funding cuts and staffing reductions.Javid will pledge to provide “tools, the powers and the back-up that you need to get the job done” and…

Labour Confirms Self-Identifying Trans Women Eligible For All-Women Shortlists And Women’s Officer Roles

‘Self-identifying’ trans women are eligible for Labour’s all-women shortlists and other roles, the party’s ruling body has confirmed.The National Executive Committee (NEC) decided on Tuesday to approve a new statement making explicit that the party would continue to uphold transgender rights in its organisational structures and selections.The decision, passed without opposition, guarantees trans women equal access to all-women Parliamentary shortlists, women’s officer posts and minimum quotas for women.Crucially, the policy -…

GDPR Sounds Dull But Here’s Why Those Emails And Website Pop-Ups Are Important

If your inbox is anything like ours, it’s likely to be full of emails from various companies telling you that they’re either changing their privacy policy or asking if they can stay in touch. And over the next five days you’re going to start seeing not just more of these emails, but pop-ups on every website you use.The reason for this is a European law known as the General Data Protection…

Jamie Oliver’s Proposed Food Reforms Would Penalise Working Class Families

So Jamie Oliver, multimillionaire, has decided that we should get rid of BOGOF offers on foods high in sugar and fat. It seems silly, when you look into it, that a man who serves food with an extremely high fat content in his own restaurants should continue to make judgements about other people consuming fatty food. On the surface, it looks like a noble goal – to make Britain healthier –…

John Prescott Blasts Chuka Umunna For Fostering Labour ‘Division’ Over Brexit

John Prescott has launched a furious attack on Labour MP Chuka Umunna for trying to push Labour into backing a Norway-style Brexit.The former Deputy Prime Minister lashed out at Umunna for fostering “division” within the party, undermining Jeremy Corbyn and misleading peers into voting for membership of the European Economic Area (EEA).Prescott warned MPs and peers not to “go down that road” of trying to split the party over Europe.His outburst…

Fury As Caroline Nokes Admits She Hasn’t Read The Good Friday Agreement

Immigration minister Caroline Nokes has sparked fury after admitting she has not read the Good Friday Agreement in full.The Hampshire MP said she was “probably giving birth” at the time it was first published and had not studied it since taking over her crucial Home Office role in January, despite the 20th anniversary of its signing having been marked in that time.She told Parliament’s Northern Ireland affairs committee: “I haven’t read…

Sky News Reporter Jon Craig Quoted ‘The Daily Mash’ When Wrongly Claiming Ken Livingstone Has Pet Newt Called ‘Adolf’

A Sky News journalist has been left red-faced after admitting he quoted satirical website ‘The Daily Mash’ when falsely claiming Ken Livingstone has a pet newt called ‘Adolf’.Jon Craig, the broadcaster’s chief political broadcaster, made the suggestion after the former mayor of London quit the Labour Party amid an anti-Semitism furore.The left-winger had two years ago linked Jews to Hitler and Nazism, but said on Monday he was quitting as the…

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Reusable Water Bottle

It has been estimated that 8 million pieces of plastic are entering the oceans every single day. With that in mind, one of the simplest things you can do to reduce your plastic footprint is to get in the habit of using a reusable water bottle. However, this sustainable life decision comes with one big asterisk. Though it might be better for the planet to invest in a reusable bottle, if you don’t clean…


Christian Bishop Who Stole the Show at Royal Wedding Will Lead White House Protest

Click here for reuse options! The Episcopal Church is joining the resistance. Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, who recently came to global prominence for his viral social justice sermon delivered at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle, will participate in a Thursday candlelight vigil against authoritarianism and bigotry.He joins progressive Christian leaders who signed onto a statement opposing…

‘We Have a Green Light from Trump’: How the President’s Words Have Reportedly Gotten People ‘Tortured, Raped, and Killed’

Click here for reuse options! A new report from The Intercept reveals the horrific consequences of Trump's words abroad. President Donald Trump, both in office and as a candidate, has used violent and authoritarian rhetoric and has largely ignored crucial human principles. As president, his words have incalculable force — and a new report from the Intercept says that Trump's language…

Here’s What It’s Like to Live in a $17 Airbnb

Click here for reuse options! The truth of the company's impact is more complicated—and less lofty—than democratizing travel. My friends had grown tired of my guest room invasions after I moved back from Portland, Oregon to L.A. last year. These friends had homes full of kids, after all. That fall I’d found a foothold onto the city through seasonal work composing…

Here’s What to Know Before Voting in the 2018 Midterm Elections

How to follow the money and see if your politicians are working for you—or lobbyists. Most Americans, it seems, have absolutely no idea who their elected representatives really are. It’s easy to like a politician who is friendly and can talk a good game. It’s also easy to hear about their scandals, usually of the salacious sexual variety. But what do…

Here’s Why Trump’s Summit With Kim Jong-Un Is Destined to Fail

Trump reportedly doesn't think he needs to prepare for his meeting with the North Korean dictator. Maybe it won't happen at all. Donald Trump is meeting with South Korean president Moon Jae-in Washington today, in anticipation of the big summit with North Korea's Kim Jong-un next month in Singapore. That summit looks more and more precarious, however, since it turns out that…

Compared to Rest of World Americans Are Prudish, Delusional and Selfish Religious Nuts: Study

Click here for reuse options! In America, say all the hateful stuff you want and invoke the First Amendment while you're at it. If you can’t be legally implicated for inciting violence, you're in the clear. Cultural differences exist across borders, and because monoliths are mostly fantasies, often within them, too. That said, America, in particular, is culturally perplexing, and even…

An Entomologist Explains Why You Should Not Kill Spiders in Your Home

Spiders are an important part of nature and our indoor ecosystem.  I know it may be hard to convince you, but let me try: Don’t kill the next spider you see in your home.Why? Because spiders are an important part of nature and our indoor ecosystem – as well as being fellow organisms in their own right.People like to think of…

Red Pepper

When does a woman stop being a person?

Ireland is gearing up to vote on whether to repeal the country’s notorious 8th amendment, a constitutional clause outlawing abortion. It makes Ireland among one of a mere smattering of other nations globally whose constitutions enshrine a foetus’ right to life, putting it – in the coarse rubric of the law –…

Reordering The Anthropocene  

Capitalism is nothing if not a sophisticated ordering operation of a given population: a secular religion with a theological belief in markets and their myriad disciplinary methods. Capital’s ability to constantly create and re-create itself wipes away the trauma and memory of disaster. Tradition under capitalism is constantly being reinvented to suit…

There’s nothing ‘post-racial’ about the Royal Wedding

As the near constant media frenzy over the royal wedding reaching its climax today,  the lack of critical discussion becomes all the more astounding. Across the right and the left of the political spectrum, newspaper coverage has been largely indistinguishable: almost universally celebratory, vehemently royalist, and naive in its racial analyses. Whilst…

Kensington and Chelsea is a microcosm of the evils of austerity

I often say that the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is a microcosm of everything that has gone wrong in the past seven years of coalition and Tory government. Last year, the local council leader, before his resignation in the wake of the Grenfell fire, denounced my fellow councillors for becoming…

Slow Death in Siberia

Valentina Boriskina. Photo by Slava Stepanov Forest People’s organisation Fern and Coal Action Network have just released Slow Death in Siberia. The report looks at how Europe’s coal dependency is devastating Russia’s forests and indigenous Shor people. Slow Death in Siberia illustrates a dark stain of coal dust from the Kuzbass region of…

We went to an arms company AGM. Here’s how they justify profiting from war.

A BAE Systems fighter jet “It’s not how much money we make, but how we make the money that counts.” It’s a touching sentiment, and one that many businesses would do well to abide by. It’s not necessarily a point one expects to hear from the Chair of Europe’s biggest arms company.…

Gammon-gate: How to cook up a pointless scandal

It started on Twitter. It always does, now – while council chambers and courtrooms across the land see fewer reporters every year, ever more mainstream media journalists are being put on the ‘Twitter beat’. Fresh from writing up the pigeon/butterfly meme (‘is this a news?’) the mass media discovered a new trend,…

Cracking the unwritten codes which drive the gender pay gap

Women in the UK earn on average 18.4% less than men.  It seems unbelievable that 100 years after women got the vote, the gap in earning power between men and women should be so large.  Our research, published this week highlights six drivers of the disparity and starts to outline some of the changes…

Whilst Israel and the US celebrate illegally moving the embassy to Jerusalem, unarmed Palestinians are being shot down

Image: Sara Apps  As reports come in of 29 Palestinian protesters killed today, the US hosts a ceremony to mark the Trump administration’s decision to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, recognising the illegally occupied city as Israel’s capital. Ivanka Trump shed a crocodile tear or two and even claimed to…

Punitive populism: The global rise of ‘hostile environments’ for migrants

A child is held up by protesters outside Yarls Wood Dentention Centre. Photo: iDJ Photography In July 2016, snap protests erupted across Australia after ABC broadcast video footage of officials using teargas, spit-hoods and restraints on children, many Aboriginal, held in juvenile detention centres in the Northern Territories. A few weeks later,…

Morning Star

72nd victim of the Grenfell Tower blaze commemorated

Maria del Pilar Burton Photo Facebook A WOMAN who died seven months after the Grenfell Tower fire was commemorated as the 72nd victim of the blaze today. ...more

Labour is ‘preparing for power,’ John McDonnell tells civil servants at PCS conference

Photo Andy Aitchison/PCS JOHN McDONNELL told civil servants today that Labour is “preparing for power” and “translating” the party’s 2017 general election manifesto into policy and plans for legislation. ...more

Why we are prepared to strike

Today, delegates at the PCS annual conference in Brighton overwhelmingly backed an industrial action ballot of our members across the Civil Service and other related organisations. This means 150,000 workers could walk out this summer, if the government doesn’t change its tune on pay. The significance of this potential strike action cannot…

Mark Serwotka

Photo Andy Aitchison/PCS

Angela Rayner

'End the two-tier system': Angela Rayner

Wales TUC president Mike Jenkins pays tribute to Carwyn Jones

WALES TUC president Mike Jenkins paid tribute today in his valedictory presidential speech to First Minister Carwyn Jones, singling out his government’s successful passage of the Trade Union Wales Act through the Welsh Assembly. The Act disapplied Tory legislation to deny public-service trade union representatives facility time, make official strike…

G4S abuse victims win right to a judicial review – Sam Tobin is at the High Court

TWO MEN who were abused by G4S staff at a notorious immigration detention centre won the first stage of their legal battle for an independent public inquiry today. ...more

14 countries withdraw ambassadors from Venezuela in hypocritical protest

NEOLIBERAL forces continue to undermine Venezuelan democracy as 14 countries recalled their ambassadors from Caracas yesterday in protest at President Nicolas Maduro’s election victory. Washington moved to impose further economic sanctions in response to Mr Maduro’s victory with US President Donald Trump demanding fresh elections to “end the repression of the…

UN Europe (for ref.)

Europe should make voice ‘more heard’ in today’s ‘dangerous world,’ says UN chief

In an increasingly dangerous world, the European Union (EU) needs to make its voice “more and more heard” as a “central pillar” of multilateralism, said the United Nations Secretary-General on Wednesday.

New EU focus on Kosovo provides Pristina and Belgrade with historic opportunity – UN official

Efforts to calm tensions between Belgrade and Pristina that came to a head with the arrest, “theatrical” parade and expulsion of a lead negotiator from Kosovo, must be redoubled if “real progress”…

UN expert warns of “stark increase” in hate crimes across UK, post-Brexit

Sounding an alarm over a “stark increase” in hate crimes across the United Kingdom as well as “widespread discrimination” faced by ethnic minorities, a United Nations independent rights expert has called on…

State of emergency must be lifted for ‘credible elections’ in Turkey, says UN rights chief

Long-term restrictions on “freedoms of expression, assembly and association” are incompatible with the holding of “credible elections” in Turkey, said the United Nations human rights chief on Wednesday, calling on the Government…

‘Fabric of society’ at risk in Bosnia and Herzegovina, UN Security Council told

With elections looming, tensions across Bosnia and Herzegovina are rising alongside inflammatory rhetoric against the country’s long-standing peace agreement, a senior figure monitoring its implementation has warned.

UN experts urges Poland to ensure unrestricted ‘civic space’ during climate talks

Poland’s new law designed to address safety concerns during the United Nations climate change conference to be held there later this year could infringe on the privacy of environmentalists and curtail their…

Ukraine: 200,000 children forced to learn in bullet-riddled classrooms

Some 200,000 girls and boys in eastern Ukraine are commuting to schools whose classroom walls are often riddled with bullets, and playgrounds scattered with metal remnants of war.

UN Middle East (for ref.)

Poverty compounding health challenges for Palestine refugees – UN agency

Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer and smoking-related ailments, account for the majority of the chronic health problems confronting Palestine refugees across the Middle East, a new report by the United Nations agency which supports them, has found.

Force used against protestors in Gaza ‘wholly disproportionate’ says UN human rights chief

A special session of the UN Human Rights Council has ended with a resolution by Member States to investigate weeks of violence on the Israeli border with Gaza, which has claimed the lives of more than 100 people in the enclave and left thousands wounded.

Syria: Civilians bear brunt of unilateral sanctions, exacerbating ‘unparalleled suffering, destruction,’ says UN expert

Syrian civilians are frequently being denied live-saving humanitarian support – an unintended consequence of unilateral sanctions, that are exacerbating an already dire situation, according to a United Nations rights expert.

End ‘cycle of violence’ in Gaza, UN deputy chief tells forum on Palestine

The “cycle of violence” in Gaza serves no one and it must end, the United Nations deputy chief said on Thursday, calling on everyone with a stake in Middle East peace, to exercise utmost restraint to avoid further deaths, especially the lives of children.

UN envoy ‘encouraged’ by latest talks on avoiding ‘worst-case scenario’ in Syria’s Idlib

The United Nations Special Envoy for Syria on Wednesday detailed his most recent efforts to revive stalled peace talks which could end the brutal conflict that has been raging there for more than seven years.

UNICEF delivers medical supplies to Gaza in wake of deadly protests

Two truckloads of urgently needed medical supplies have been delivered to Gaza, where scores of Palestinians were injured during demonstrations along the border fence with Israel earlier this week.

Syria: UN-backed watchdog says chemical weapon ‘likely used’ in February attack

Deadly chlorine gas was likely used in an attack that took place in a Syrian town in rebel-held Idlib last February, said the United Nations-backed chemical weapons watchdog on Wednesday.

Social Europe (Daily)

“Three Challenges In Contemporary Populism Research” by Yannis Stavrakakis

Yannis Stavrakakis Today populism seems to be firmly back on the agenda. A series of recent events have shocked and scandalised our global public spheres, causing concern for the future of democracy and puzzling academics, journalists and citizens alike. The Italian and Brexit referendums and, in a more pronounced way, the victory…

“From Neoliberal Ruins To Recovery: Iceland Is Real Poster-Boy” by Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson

Jón Baldvin Hannibalsson At a Nordic-Baltic Development Forum meeting, held in Riga some years ago, there arose a lively controversy on the relative merits of the Swedish (Nordic) model, on the one hand, and the minimal government and low-tax regimes of the Baltic countries, on the other. Göran Person, former prime minister…

“Federal Central Banks And Decadent Capitalism” by Sam Whimster

Sam Whimster Federal Central Banks (Forum Press, 2018) is a unique study that critically examines the role and impact of central banks in federal and confederal political systems. It conducts a detailed examination of the history, design and operation of central banking in the United States and in the European Union. The…

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Kensington Palace Has Lost Control Of Harry And Meghan’s Wedding, Say The Royal Media. And It’s TMZ’s Show Now.

"The palace aides are like ostriches sticking their heads in the sand and they keep getting shafted up the bottom." View Entire Post ›

21 Muslim Memes About Ramadan That Will Literally Make You LOL

"Can I have your number so I can wake you up for suhoor?" View Entire Post ›

The Royal Bridesmaids And Pageboys Have Been Announced

Prince George and Princess Charlotte will take part in the wedding of the year on Saturday, accompanied by Meghan Markle's goddaughters. View Entire Post ›

The Internationalist

Can a new generation topple Ireland’s 8th amendment?

Body:  This Friday’s vote demonstrates a vibrant and long overdue campaign for a secular republic, Éilis Ryan writes. abortion rightsIrelandWomenContributor: Éilis RyanDoesn't appear on front pageThumbnail image: Deck/standfirst:  This Friday’s vote demonstrates a vibrant and long overdue campaign for a secular republic, Éilis Ryan writes Top banner story

The efficiency myth

Body:  Nick Dowson dismantles the notion that the private sector does things better. United KingdomgermanyboliviaWorld BankIMFmarketsPublic OwnershipPrivatizationEconomicsContributor: Nick DowsonDoesn't appear on front pageThumbnail image: 512Deck/standfirst:  Heard the tale about the private sector always doing things better? Nick Dowson wonders why it still has believers Don't use as top banner (default)

The almighty investor

: Lavinia Steinfort on the insidious 'investor protection mechanisms' stacking the odds in favour of corporations. :  Trying to take back failing privatized public services exposes governments to the risk of being sued for gargantuan amounts by foreign corporations. Lavinia Steinfort reports

Rape as communal violence in India

    Violence against women is being used as a weapon of communal hatred, suggesting India should enact the Communal Violence bill, Nilanjana Bhowmick argues

Venezuela’s highly unusual presidential election

  This is the best opportunity since 1998 that the opposition has to defeat the Bolivarian Revolution. So why are they boycotting the election? Greg Wilpert asks.   This is the best opportunity since 1998 that the opposition has to defeat the Bolivarian Revolution. So why are they boycotting the…

Humanitarian workers acquitted of ‘crime’ of helping refugees

  Five volunteers who wanted to help refugees land safely have been acquitted. Tim Baster and Isabelle Merminod report from Lesbos   After a two-year wait, five humanitarian volunteers who wanted to help refugees land safely have been acquitted. Tim Baster and Isabelle Merminod report from Lesbos

World News from DNA India

Over 2 lakh Rohingya refugees at risk from flooding, landslides: UN

About 150,000-200,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh's Cox's Bazar are at risk from flooding and landslides during the monsoon season, the UN has said.

Meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un may not take place in Singapore, says US President Donald Trump

Trump raised doubts about the session planned for Singapore in talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who came to Washington to urge Trump not to let a rare opportunity with reclusive North Korea get away.

Republicans want special counsel to investigate Trump-Russia probe ‘misconduct’

Republicans, including some of U.S. President Donald Trump's closest allies in Congress, on Tuesday demanded the appointment of a second special counsel to investigate the Department of Justice investigation into Trump's campaign, Russia and the 2016 U.S. election.

Indian-origin schoolboy goes missing after top exam score at UK school

A 15-year-old Indian-origin boy has been missing from his school in central England after he was reportedly accused of cheating when he scored top marks in an exam paper, British police said. Abhimanyu Chohan went missing from King Henry VIII Independent School in Coventry on Friday after he scored 100…

We were slow to identify Russian interference: Mark Zuckerberg admits in European Parliament

Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg answers questions on Tuesday from the European Parliament in Brussels on a massive data leak affecting millions of users.

Rohingya terrorists massacred scores of Hindu civilians in August last year in Myanmar, confirms Amnesty

Campaign group Amnesty International said on Tuesday it had gathered evidence that insurgents from a Rohingya Muslim armed group killed scores of Hindu civilians in August last year, amid a surge in violence in western Myanmar.

Truth Out (US Daily)

President Trump Is Not “Above the Law”: John Bonifaz Warns Against Normalizing Impeachable Offenses

President Donald Trump speaks in the Oval Office of the White House May 17, 2018, in Washington, DC. (Photo: Andrew Harrer-Pool / Getty Images) Where do you turn for news and analysis you can rely on? If the answer is…

The Supreme Court Just Dealt a Blow to 25 Million Workers

In a victory for big business, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that employment contracts barring an estimated 25 million workers from filing class-action lawsuits against their bosses do not violate federal labor law, despite widespread concern over wage theft…

How Corporate Media Are Undermining a US-North Korea Nuclear Weapons Deal

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in shake hands over the military demarcation line upon meeting for the Inter-Korean Summit on April 27, 2018, in Panmunjom, South Korea. (Photo: Inter Korean Press Corp / NurPhoto…

The Hill (US Centre Left Politics)

Daily Source Bias Check: Jewish Policy Center

RIGHT BIAS These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward conservative causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to…

Daily Source Bias Check: Bitch Media

LEFT BIAS These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation.  They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence…

E-filing bill now has more support than ever

by Jordan Muller  –  Center for Responsive Politics A bill that would require all Senate candidates to electronically file campaign finance disclosures with the Federal Election Commission picked up…

Daily Source Bias Check: Hard News

QUESTIONABLE SOURCE A questionable source exhibits one or more of the following: extreme bias, overt propaganda, poor or no sourcing to credible information and/or is fake news. Fake News is…

The Wing Air Travel News

United Should Stop Shaming Passengers Who Steal Business Class Bedding

A year ago United directed flight attendants to keep a watchful eye over passengers who might 'steal' business class bedding. United's Polaris soft product does have nice…

New Citi Credit Card Deal and Aer Lingus Photobombing the Royal Wedding

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites –…

Best Credit Card Signup Bonuses for May

There’s no quicker and easier way to earn a large amount of miles quickly than with a new credit card. And before the holidays is the perfect…

5 Ways You Can Fly First Class on Your Next Trip

Airline upgrades are almost exclusively done by formula, with little discretion allowed to gate or check-in counter agents. The only time there may be wiggle room is…

Dissent Magazine (Quarterly)

Atlanta Dreaming

The genius of Donald Glover’s Atlanta is to show the surreality of black life in America, without ever pandering to an audience.

Summer 2018

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Belabored Podcast #151: Empowering the Souls of Poor Folk, with Rev. Liz Theoharis

Rev. Liz Theoharis, co-chair of the Poor People’s campaign, joins us to talk about why people are marching across the country against poverty and for economic justice.

Spring 2018

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Harlem Is Everywhere

As the old neighborhood gentrifies, its transatlantic spirit lives on as the influence of black culture grows—from Lagos to London, from Havana to Atlanta.


Engineers Don’t Totally Dig Elon Musk’s LA Tunneling Promises

The Boring Company CEO makes a lot of promises about advancing tunneling and clearing congestion, but not everyone buys in.

After Meltdown and Spectre, Another Scary Chip Flaw Emerges

A new processor vulnerability known as Speculative Store Bypass could expose user data on a huge swath of devices.

An Ebola Vaccine Gets Its First Real-World Test

Scientists have known about Ebola since 1976, and the Democratic Republic of Congo has had nine outbreaks since then. But now one shot might beat it.

Tesla Expands Its Model 3 Offerings—At a Steep Price

Elon Musk's automaker is now offering more variants of its most important car, and making steady progress toward profitability. But that $35,000 price point remains just a promise.

Supreme Court Rules Against Workers In Arbitration Case

The ruling legitimizes agreements, widely used by tech companies, that prevent workers from filing lawsuits and are blamed for perpetuating sexual harassment.

Science Daily

Carnivorous plants: How the waterwheel plant snaps

Biologists and civil engineers have analyzed the rapid movement of the snap-trap with which the carnivorous plant catches its prey.

Your body is transparentized in a virtual environment

Researchers have found that visual-motor synchronicity of only the hands and feet can induce a sense of illusory ownership over an invisible body interpolated between virtual hands and feet. This active method to induce a sense of illusory ownership over an invisible body at a distance has potential applications in…

How our ancestors with autistic traits led a revolution in Ice Age art

The ability to focus on detail, a common trait among people with autism, allowed realism to flourish in Ice Age art. Around 30,000 years ago realistic art suddenly flourished in Europe. Extremely accurate depictions of bears, bison, horses and lions decorate the walls of Ice Age archaeological sites such as…

Optical tweezers — mini ‘tractor beams’ — help arrange artificial cells into tissue structures

Researchers have used lasers to connect, arrange and merge artificial cells, paving the way for networks of artificial cells that act like tissues.

Could a multiverse be hospitable to life?

A multiverse -- where our universe is only one of many -- might not be as inhospitable to life as previously thought, according to new research.

Heat and sound wave interactions in solids could run engines, refrigerators

A solid can serve as a medium for heat and sound wave interactions just like a fluid does for thermoacoustic engines and refrigerators -- resulting in leak-free machines that can stay operating longer.

Movie Web

Michael Keaton Is Back in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 as the Vulture

A new report suggests that Michael Keaton is back to play the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming 2.

Is Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 Introducing The Sinister Six?

With Mysterio and Vulture both set to appear in the next Spider-Man, it looks like the Sinister Six may be on the way.

John Wick Chapter 3 Gets Halle Berry in Mystery Non-Villain Role

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry has signed on to star alongside Keanu Reeves in John Wick 3, playing a character who will not be a new villain.

Ron Howard Explains Turning Down Directing The Phantom Menace

Ron Howard reveals the real story behind him turning down a chance to direct The Phantom Menace.

Deadpool 2 Writers Want a Captain America Team Up

Deadpool 2 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick reveal that they'd love to see the Merc with a Mouth team up with Captain America.

Chewbacca Hangs with Hobbits in Hilarious Photo

Solo actor Joonas Suotamo, who plays Chewbacca, took a hilarious photo with Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, and Billy Boyd.

HEALTH – Alzheimers

New tools could uncover important answers for Alzheimer’s researchers

Alzheimer's disease currently affects more than 5.5 million Americans and is one of the costliest diseases to treat, according to…

Subjective memory may be marker for cognitive decline

New research from the Center for Vital Longevity (CVL) at The University of Texas at Dallas suggests that subjective complaints…

Improvements needed in hospital care of people living with dementia

Nurses and healthcare workers are highly concerned about vulnerable patients who make up the equivalent of 3.2 million hospital beds…

Common class of drugs linked to dementia even when taken 20 years before diagnosis

The largest and most detailed study of the long-term impact of anticholinergic drugs, a class of drugs commonly prescribed in…

Recent Posts

Three Ebola patients escape Congo quarantine, medics race to control outbreak

MBANDAKA, Democratic Republic of Congo (Reuters) - Three patients infected with the deadly Ebola virus escaped from a hospital holding…

Foreign media start marathon journey to North Korea nuclear test site

SEOUL (Reuters) - International journalists left on a marathon journey to a North Korean nuclear test site on Wednesday, after…

Italian president calls in contested candidate for prime minister

ROME (Reuters) - Italian President Sergio Mattarella summoned on Wednesday a political novice who has been put forward by the…

Trump says ‘immune’ from ‘Apprentice’ contestant lawsuit, seeks delay

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump has asked New York state's highest court to delay a defamation lawsuit…

Pulitzer-winning author Philip Roth dies at 85, says agent

(Reuters) - Author Philip Roth, who was both hailed and derided for laying bare the neuroses and obsessions that haunted…

Labour To Force Commons Vote On Salary Cut For Chris Grayling

Labour frontbenchers are set to force a Commons vote on whether transport secretary Chris Grayling should have his salary cut.Jeremy…

Boris Johnson Says He Wants A ‘Brexit Jet’ To Help UK Conquer The World

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said he would like to have a “Brexit plane” to help him travel the world…

HEALTH – Arthritis and Rheumatism

Lupus treatment generates positive results in Phase III clinical trial

New research indicates that belimumab, a monoclonal antibody therapy that targets a component of the immune system, provides considerable benefits…

Effort seeks to increase the number of trained rheumatology nurse practitioners and physician assistants

Due to an aging population and increasing prevalence of rheumatic disease, there are growing demands on clinicians who specialize in…

Which pain medication is safest for arthritis patients?

In a recent Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics study, arthritis patients taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for pain plus a stomach…

The bugs in your gut could make you weak in the knees

Bacteria in the gut, known as the gut microbiome, could be the culprit behind arthritis and joint pain that plagues…

How environmental pollutants and genetics work together in rheumatoid arthritis

It has been known for more than three decades that individuals with a particular version of a gene—human leukocyte antigen…

HEALTH – Cancer

Scientists reveal likely cause of childhood leukaemia

A major new analysis reveals for the first time the likely cause of most cases of childhood leukaemia, following more…

Breath test shows promise for diagnosis of esophagogastric CA

(HealthDay)—Breath analysis shows potential for noninvasive diagnosis of esophagogastric cancer (OGC), according to a study published online May 17 in…

Label-free method for rapid cancer diagnosis

Researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum have deployed a novel infrared (IR) microscope with quantum cascade lasers in order to analyse tissue…

New potential target identified to fight acute myeloid leukemia

AML is not a single disease. It is a group of leukemias that develop in the bone marrow from progenitors…

Doctors warn that breast cancer is still seen as a white woman’s disease

Clinicians and researchers at Queen Mary University of London and the Homerton Hospital are encouraging black women to visit their…

HEALTH – Diabetes

Gestational diabetes may indicate future subclinical renal issues

(HealthDay)—Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) may be an early indicator of subsequent subclinical renal dysfunction, according to a study published online…

Boosting the effects of vitamin D to tackle diabetes

More than 27 million people in the United States are living with type 2 diabetes, according to the Centers for…

Diabetes-associated pain linked to disrupted insulin signalling

The chronic pain experienced by a number of patients with diabetes has widely been assumed to originate from damage to…

Lesbian, bisexual women may be more likely to develop diabetes due to stress

In a newly published study involving 94,250 women across the United States, researchers found that lesbian and bisexual (LB) women…

Type 2 diabetes ups risk of renal cancer in women, but not men

(HealthDay)—Type 2 diabetes is independently associated with a greater risk of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) in women, but not in…

HEALTH – Autism

US autism rate edges up in new CDC report

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health contributed to a new U.S. Centers for Disease Control and…

Brain scans may uncover signs of autism and developmental delays

In the brains of elementary school children may lie clues for understanding differences in behavior among those with autism spectrum…

Study shows cognitive behavioural therapy can improve emotion regulation in children with autism

New research from York University's Faculty of Health shows cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can help children with autism manage not…

Healthcare costs for adults with autism more than double those for general population

Researchers compared total annual healthcare costs for adults on the autism spectrum to costs for adults with attention-deficit and hyperactivity…

Research reveals autism and schizophrenia share common traits

New research at Swinburne has revealed a significant overlap in the traits associated with autism and schizophrenia.