We just got one step closer to a humane refugee policy

Refugees may soon be able to be reunited with their families after losing everything. Britain has moved a step closer to a humane refugee policy, after MPs voted to enable families divided by conflict and persecution to be reunited in Britain. A…

Red Pepper (Bi-Monthly)

Fighting the mega-mine

Activists from Australia and beyond are joining forces to prevent what is set to be one of the world’s biggest ecological catastrophes. The massive Carmichael coal mega-mine will devastate the Great Barrier Reef, contribute massively to global climate change, and further marginalise Australia’s First Nations people. Adani, the controversial Indian corporation planning the mine, is set to extract 2.3 billion tonnes of coal over its planned 60 years of operation. It is just one of nine…

The development sector needs to tackle the root causes of poverty

It is impossible to end poverty without replacing the system that creates it. Development shouldn’t just be about sticking plasters over the biggest wounds of destructive political and economic decisions. It should be about tackling poverty at a policy level. To help move this process forward, I’d suggest three things we need to do: Name the problem In order to tackle poverty and inequality we need to understand how it occurs. According to 2014 polling, two thirds…

Flipping the script on our economic stories

‘Framing the Economy’ is a report by NEON, NEF, Frameworks Institute and PIRC. For more details click here. In 2004, George Lakoff’s book ‘Don’t Think of an Elephant’ popularised the idea that the way we frame issues radically shapes the way people think about them. Many on the left became increasingly convinced that our tactics needed a radical rethink – that trying to combat a simple and powerful story with facts, statistics, myth-busters and appeals to…

“From garment factories to rural communities, women are the resistance.”

Women are the hardest hit by poverty and human rights abuse, whether at work, in war or at home. This is because in a society shaped by patriarchy, the system whereby men hold power over women, women experience gender-based oppression in every sphere of life. Patriarchy also means women are under-represented in positions of power, creating a vicious cycle. Whilst there is growing awareness that the war on want is a war for women’s rights, what…

Britain’s Modern Slavery

The Home Office estimates that there are currently around 13,000 slaves in the UK, though other sources suggest this is a a gross underestimate. And yet most of us remain oblivious to this reality of contemporary Britain. SEX TRAFFICKING Dorina is a 24-year-old victim of sex trafficking from Romania. Her mother died when she was very young, and she was left in the care of an alcoholic father. She left school aged 10, and started working…

Regeneration Ballots: Will a vote give power to residents at risk of losing their homes?

Gerlinde Gniewosz at Cressingham Gardens march for demolition ballot at Lambeth town hall. Cressingham Gardens is often described as one of London’s most beautiful estates. Lying right next to Brockwell Park, it is made up of low-rise, high- density housing and was designed by renowned architect Ted Hollamby in the 1960s to complement the landscape of the park. In 2011 Gerlinde Gniewosz bought a home on the estate and invested her life savings into fixing up…

Morning Star

NHS whistleblower protections should have been implemented ‘a lot sooner’

GOVERNMENT plans to protect NHS whistleblowers from discrimination when applying for another job in the health service could have been done “a lot sooner,” general union GMB has said. Under draft regulations introduced today, NHS employers will not lawfully be able to discriminate against job applicants who have previously blown the whistle on potential patient safety risks. Any applicants who face discrimination will get…

A Paris masterpiece

  THOUGH many Parisians are unaware of it, the large esplanade in front of the Gare du Nord has been known since 1987 as the Place Napoleon III. Very logically, his rehabilitation began in that decade, when neoliberalism became unquestioned dogma. The shady adventurer, gang leader and author of the December massacre underwent a surreptitious mutation into the Saint-Simonian philanthropist, a pioneer of the…

Unite to corner Melrose bosses over GKN jobs following hostile takeover

OFFICIALS from the Unite union will corner Melrose bosses today on behalf of engineering workers to seek assurances over jobs followings the firm's hostile takeover bid of top British manufacturer GKN. GKN employs 6,000 workers in Britain and 32,000 world-wide and is facing a hostile takeover from investment firm Melrose, which has a reputation as an asset-stripper. The takeover would saddle GKN with an…

Oligarch levy will hand Britain £3bn, says Labour

McDonnell calls for new tax on ‘suspicious wealth’ gained from secret property purchases

Fixed limits on immigration detention would be ‘the civilised thing to do’

Photo Amanda Slater/Creative Commons Liberty director Martha Spurrier urged the government to impose a 28-day limit on detention

Merkel defends her country’s trade surplus

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Al Jazeera News (Hourly)

Suspect killed after knife attack in Old City of Jerusalem

Attack took place near the entrance of the Al-Aqsa compound in the Muslim quarter of the Old City.

Qatar asks US to probe financial manipulation by UAE

Qatar's central bank asks US to investigate Emirati bank accused of waging 'financial warfare' against it.

Turkish forces and Free Syrian Army capture Afrin city

President Erdogan announces that Turkish flag hoisted in the centre of the Kurdish-dominated Syrian city of Afrin.

Turkish forces and Free Syrian Army capture Afrin city

President Erdogan announces that Turkish flag hoisted in the centre of the Kurdish-dominated Syrian city of Afrin.

The US legacy in Iraq: violence, sectarianism – and elections

Iraqi leaders say country is in the best state since the March 2003 American invasion; ordinary Iraqis remain sceptical.

It’s time to diversify and decolonise our schools’ reading lists

We don't need to teach books that capitalise on inaccurate stereotypes and vulgar tropes about marginalised communities.

Trump pick for CIA director Gina Haspel played role in torture

Gina Haspel ran CIA's first 'black site' in Thailand and was involved in the destruction of videotapes of interrogations

ASEAN summit: Korean tensions, S China Sea militarisation

The militarisation of the South China Sea, trade and counterterrorism were also discussed at the ASEAN leaders' meeting, hosted - for the first time - by Australia.

Truth Out (US Daily)

Appeals Court Reverses Decision Stopping Bayou Bridge Pipeline Work Through Cypress Swamp

The empty construction site for the Bayou Bridge pipeline through the Atchafalaya Basin February 25, the day after a district judge granted an injunction halting work. (Photo: Julie Dermansky) This week the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a federal judge's temporary injunction halting work on the Bayou Bridge pipeline within Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin. In a 2-1 vote the higher court's decision will allow construction to proceed while the company, Bayou Bridge Pipeline LLC, a subsidiary…

Fascism Depends Upon a Belief in Human Inequality

American mythology was founded on the idea that some races were inferior to others -- an idea that has remained in the US's subconscious and institutions, says Shane Burley, author of Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It. Whenever anti-racist struggles arise, fascists will simply stoke that racist subconscious to get white Americans to turn toward nationalism rather than collective liberation.A member of an anti-government militia holds…

Donald Trump Is Determined to Privatize the Department of Veterans Affairs

President Donald Trump and Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin speak during a Veterans Affairs Department "telehealth" event in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC, on Thursday, August 3, 2017. (Photo: Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post via Getty Images) The news, commentary and analysis published at Truthout are vital to the battle for a better tomorrow. Will you stand with us as we drown out hatred…

The Hill (US News)

Will Trump’s Wall Pay for Itself?

By Robert Farley  –  Factcheck.org President Donald Trump cited a contested report from an organization that advocates low immigration to claim that a wall along the southern border will pay for itself, because those stopped from illegally crossing would not be a burden on taxpayers. The report, from the Center for Immigration Studies, relies on data extrapolated from a report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, or NAS.…

Daily Source Bias Check: Oath Keepers

QUESTIONABLE SOURCE A questionable source exhibits one or more of the following: extreme bias, overt propaganda, poor or no sourcing to credible information and/or is fake news. Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation for the purpose of profit or influence (Learn More). Sources listed in the Questionable Category may be very untrustworthy and should be fact checked on a per article basis. Please note sources on this list are not considered fake news unless specifically…

Facebook suspends Trump campaign data firm Cambridge Analytica

Facebook says it has suspended the account of Cambridge Analytica, the data analysis firm hired by Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, amid reports it harvested the profile information of millions of US voters without their permission. The post Facebook suspends Trump campaign data firm Cambridge Analytica appeared first on Media Bias/Fact Check.

Left Futures

The grotesque chaos of Claire Kober’s Haringey

[embedded content]The resignation of a council leader would normally be no biggie. I mean, I’m guessing entirely here, but presumably that happens in towns or cities across Britain several times a year, for one reason or another. These things usually merit a run of front pages in the local press, and perhaps a short mention or two nationally. They are then swiftly forgotten, as just another ego-driven municipal hissy fit…

Australia World News (Daily)

Everyday chemical may damage fertility

Pregnant women exposed to everyday items may find their son's fertility and that of future generations has been harmed, a study suggests.

UK aerospace industry wants Brexit deal

Britain's aerospace industry would be badly damaged if the country leaves the European Union without a free trade deal and any divergence from EU rules would be "utterly self-defeating", a committee of MPs says.

Asia gets the jitters as Fed meeting looms

Asian share markets got off to a hesitant start on Monday for a week in which the Federal Reserve is likely to deliver a hike in US interest rates and perhaps signal that as many as three more lie in store for the rest of the year.

Social Europe (Daily)

“Robert Reich On The Common Good” by Robert Reich

Robert Reich discusses his book, “The Common Good”, at a Politics and Prose event at Sixth and I historic synagogue in Washington, DC on 2/22/18. Robert B. Reich has been one of America’s leading political thinkers since he served as Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, for which Time Magazine named him one…

“What Could A Corbyn Government Inside Europe Mean For The EU’s Future ?” by Mary Kaldor

Mary Kaldor In twenty years’ time, we will look back on Brexit as a moment of terrifying global irresponsibility. We live in a world of creeping fascism in Russia, Turkey, China, Trump’s America not to mention the tendencies inside Britain, especially among the hard Brexiteers. The European Union currently represents a beacon…

“How Can Europe’s Social Services Solve A Growing Recruitment Crisis?” by Alfonso Lara Montero

Alfonso Lara Montero Against a backdrop of ageing societies and the associated increase in long-term conditions such as dementia, long-term care is growing in importance in all European countries. Socio-demographic changes, including family formation patterns, the geographical location of family members and changes in employment are challenging the sustainability of informal unpaid…

DNA World News (Daily)

Stephen Hawking’s deathbed paper could prove multi-universes

One of the world's best-known scientists, who died peacefully at his home in Cambridge aged 76 on March 14, set out the maths needed for a space probe to find experimental evidence for the existence of a 'multiverse'.

Putin wins another six years at Russia’s helm, says will think about the future of ‘our great motherland’

Victory hands Putin another six-year term | Kremlin critics allege contest was rigged

China elects new economic team as President Xi Jinping kicks off second term

China elevated a key confidant of President Xi Jinping to one of the top positions in government on Monday as Beijing cracks down on riskier financing and a debt to reduce systemic risks to the world's second-largest economy.

Internationalist (Daily)

Women starve for their basic humanity in IRCs

14 March 2018 United KingdomImmigration Immigration Removal Centres are the shame of Britain, Katie McQue reports Being gay in Uganda can cost you your life. It can also mean torture and life in prison, because of the African nation’s extreme anti-homosexual laws. So when Theresa’s family and husband found out she is a lesbian, she had no choice but to…

History repeats itself as Crimean Tatars come under the Kremlin’s heel

12 March 2018 In 1944, Stalin declared the Tatars 'traitors'. Now, in 2018, Putin calls them 'extremists'. Madeline Roache reports Staring out of the window from her kitchen located in the city of Bakchisarae, central Crimea, Salieva replays in her mind the last exchange that she and her husband had before he was arrested. The sound of a dozen men…

‘Seashore landfilling’ and other waste woes

9 March 2018 Environment The environmental effects of too much rubbish don’t stop at borders – and neither should the response. Daniel Hilton reports from Lebanon Mornings after winter storms in Lebanon are usually moments of sweet relief. Commuters find the Beirut streets negotiable once again, skiers look forward to a new layer of powdery snow in the mountains, and…

Crooks and Liars (US Left)

RNC’s Kayleigh McEnany: Liars Deserve ‘Penalties For Actions’ And ‘Criminal Prosecution’

Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany on Sunday asserted that people who lie to government investigators deserved to go to jail, something she may regret saying if President Donald Trump is charged with lying to federal agents. During an interview on MSNBC, McEnany said that Trump had "engaged in unprecedented cooperation" with special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian investigation. "It's…

Lindsey Graham Continues To Pretend Republicans Would Impeach Trump For Firing Mueller

Sen. Lindsey Graham wants us to believe he and the rest of his party would actually hold Trump accountable if he fires Robert Mueller. CNN's Jake Tapper asked him about Trump's lawyer, John Dowd, who said this about the Mueller probe after the DOJ announced the firing of Andrew McCabe: I pray that Acting Attorney General Rosenstein will follow the…

White House Staffers ‘Whisk Trump To A Golf Course’ To Short Circuit Sunday Twitter Tirade: Report

White House staffers reportedly attempted to short circuit President Donald Trump's Sunday morning Twitter tirade by taking him golfing. In a tweet storm on Sunday, Trump mocked former FBI officials James Comey and Andrew McCabe. And he suggested that he was nervous over so-called "fake memos" that McCabe wrote about interactions with the president. Trump also complained that special counsel…

Media Matters (US Left)

CNN’s Brian Stelter: “It seems the president is using TV appearances as job auditions”

BRIAN STELTER (HOST): Are the people who talk about policy on TV equipped to actually make policy? You know, with Gary Cohn out and Larry Kudlow in, the TV-to-White House pipeline is getting a lot of attention and scrutiny right now. But Kudlow's not the first. There is Heather Nauert, who was a host at Fox & Friends, who has been…

Fox host on Mueller probe: Anything short of “collusion” is “going to be a dud”

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): Rosenstein is, technically, overseeing what Bob Mueller is doing, and can rein in the scope of it if it looks like it's going in another direction. Who knows what the questions are -- you mentioned that the questions have been submitted to the White House potentially -- ED HENRY (CO-HOST): The Mueller team has said, "These are…

Sean Hannity is now trying to claim he does “real news,” yet he has repeatedly admitted he’s “not a journalist”

Sarah Wasko / Media Matters In a March 15 Time magazine profile, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith said of the discrepancy between his own news reporting and his network’s opinion lineup that “some of our opinion programming is there strictly to be entertaining” and that “they don’t really have rules on the opinion side. They can say whatever they want.”…

Science (Daily)

Australian Magpie ‘dunks’ its food before eating, researchers find

Scientists have shown that the Australian Magpie may 'dunk' its food in water before eating, a process that appears to be 'copied' by its offspring.

Climate change for aliens

For more than 50 years, the Kardashev scale has been the gold standard for classifying hypothetical 'exo-civilizations' by their ability to harness energy. A team of researchers has devised a new system that takes into account the impacts of that energy use.

Something to sneeze about: Democratic voting in African wild dog packs

Scientists studying African wild dogs in Botswana have found members of this endangered species use sneezes to vote on when the pack will move off and start hunting.

Huffington Post (Liberal?) (Daily)

Newsnight Denies Altering Jeremy Corbyn’s Hat ‘To Make Him Look Russian’

A Newsnight boss has dismissed claims the programme photoshopped Jeremy Corbyn’s hat to make him look more Russian.Supporters of the Labour leader, including prominent left-wing writer Owen Jones, attacked the BBC Two programme for using an image on Thursday evening they claim had been altered.Jones later appeared on the show…

How To Stop Your Kids Making In-App Purchases On iOS And Android

Only a parent will know of the moment I’m about to describe, and it’s one that only exists thanks to the technologically advanced world we find ourselves in.It is the moment when you look at your bank balance and see that you’ve been stung by the dreaded in-app purchase.“It was…

‘It’s Bigger Than Telford’: Living At The Centre Of The UK’s Child Sexual Exploitation Scandal

Many people in Telford knew something about the stories of child sexual exploitation in their community. For years, they’d read local news reports about it, they’d seen arrests – some even thought they might have witnessed grooming happening in front of them.But the revelations this week that the Shropshire town…

Spy Poisoning: Third Of Brits ‘Would Support Russia World Cup Boycott’

A third of Britons would support a World Cup boycott by the England football team in the wake of the Salisbury spy poisoning, according to a new poll.The YouGov survey of 1,986 adults for the Times found 34% of those it questioned would back pulling Gareth Southgate’s team out of…

Kate Nash On New Album ‘Yesterday Was Forever’, ‘Glow’ And Getting Her Confidence Back

At numerous points in the past few years, Kate Nash, by her own admission, did not think she would release another album.When the singer-songwriter smashed her way onto the British music scene in 2008, she became an instant favourite of fans and critics alike. ‘Made Of Bricks’, her debut album, reached…

Daily Kos (US Politics)

Seven questions for Rasleen Krupp, high school founder of the Young Feminists Coalition

I first heard Rasleen Krupp speak at the Cincinnati Womens’ March last year. She is a high school junior at Wyoming High School and founder of the Young Feminists Coalition. With the recent national school walkout and upcoming March for Our Lives, I’m honored to introduce you to Rasleen. If students like her…

What can we learn from Conor Lamb’s victory in Pennsylvania?

Too many progressives are complaining that Conor Lamb, who just scored a major upset by winning a congressional seat in Pennsylvania Trump country, is not a real progressive—and they are correct. However, he is progressive enough. My advice here in Texas has been consistent: vote for the most progressive candidate that can…

In weekend tweets, an unraveling Trump goes after Mueller probe directly

Our regular examination of Donald Trump's weekend tweeting habits has taken a bit of a dark turn. It seems evident now that, at whatever moment Trump is sure that Robert Mueller's investigation has gotten the goods on him, he fully intends to fire Mueller and dare the rest of the…

Juan Escalante, the persistent Dreamer

Juan Escalante is not yet 30, but he’s already a decade-long veteran in the fight for immigrant rights. It was a movement he found himself thrust into at just 17, when he began applying to colleges in his home state of Florida and found out that he was undocumented because…

Politico US (Monthly)

Emails reveal conservative alarm over ‘Obama holdovers’ in Trump administration

‘A cleaning is in order,’ wrote a former aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, as State Department officials reassigned a career diplomat of Iranian descent.

U.S. imposes new sanctions on Russian entities over 2016 election meddling

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says America will level additional sanctions 'to hold Russian government officials and oligarchs accountable.'

Top takeaways from the Texas primary

The 2018 midterms kicked off in eye-opening fashion in Texas on Tuesday, as a series of surprises in Democratic House primaries jolted the landscape while the party’s large turnout sent a warning to Republicans nationwide. But the GOP remained in the driver’s seat in statewide races throughout Texas by night’s end, leaving most of the shocks to down-ballot races.Story Continued Below Washington Democrats saw some of their runoff plans go down the drain. Well-funded candidates fell in contest after contest. George P. Bush unexpectedly cruised to victory. And women kept on winning. With lawmakers across the country closely eyeing Tuesday’s contests for…

February 2018

Political cartoons from the desk of Matt Wuerker.

Buzz Feed (Liberal?)

Jeff Sessions Fires The Former No. 2 At The FBI Two Days Before His Scheduled Retirement

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has fired Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department announced late Friday night."Pursuant to Department Order 1202, and based on the report of the Inspector General, the findings of the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility, and the recommendation of the Department’s senior career official, I have terminated the employment of Andrew McCabe effective immediately," Sessions said in a statement.McCabe, a career agent who briefly served as the acting…

19 Creepy Wikipedia Pages That’ll Fuck You Up A Little Bit

Kremers, 21, and Froon, 22, went for a hike in Panama in 2014 and disappeared. Their camera was found weeks later, with pictures that'd been taken after they'd gone missing. Two months later, bones were found throughout a nearby forest that belonged to both women — but how they died is still undetermined.—xfallouttboyyx

How “Love, Simon” Helped One Of Its Own Actors Come Out

Warning: This story contains SPOILERS for Love, Simon. Ben Rothstein / 20th Century Fox Keiynan Lonsdale in Love, Simon. It's difficult to talk about Keiynan Lonsdale's pivotal scene in Love, Simon without spoiling the movie's most delightful surprise, but it's helpful to know that performing it also changed Lonsdale's life.In the film, Lonsdale — best known as Wally West, aka Kid Flash, on CW's The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow — plays Bram, one of three possible love interests for…

15 Inspirational Celebrity Quotes You’ll Want To Share With Your Instagram Followers

"We have to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves." View Entire Post ›

Left Foot Forward (Daily)

We just got one step closer to a humane refugee policy

Refugees may soon be able to be reunited with their families after losing everything. Britain has moved a step closer to a humane refugee policy, after MPs voted to enable families divided by conflict and persecution to be reunited in Britain. A Private Member’s Bill from the SNP’s Angus MacNeil MP, the Refugees (Family Reunion) Bill, received cross-party…

SNP MP names and shames companies over use of unpaid trial shifts

There's growing momentum behind one MP's legislative push to end the exploitative practice of unpaid trial shifts. A Scottish National Party MP has used his Parliamentary privilege to name and shame companies alleged to use so-called ‘unpaid trial shifts’.  This is where companies bring in people to work without paying them, and without the guarantee of a job…

Debate on Gender Recognition Act forced to be held in Parliament after Millwall FC face outcry

When even Millwall are too intimidated to host a debate, you know there's a problem...Pic: Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull speaking at the ‘We Need to Talk UK’ debate. Two weeks ago, organisers of a discussion on a new Gender Recognition Act – the plans to allow people to legally change their sex without having to provide evidence – got a call…

All the companies set to leave the UK because of Brexit

After Unilever, here is a list of all the companies likely to leave Britain following Brexit.Consumer goods giant Unilever is moving its headquarters to Rotterdam. And even though its chief executive Paul Polman has said the decision was not connected to the future of Britain after Brexit, many still believe the move is not completely unrelated.  If so,…

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China elects new economic team as President Xi Jinping kicks off second term

China elevated a key confidant of President Xi Jinping to one of the top positions in government on Monday as Beijing cracks down on riskier financing and a debt to…

Putin wins another six years at Russia’s helm, says will think about the future of ‘our great motherland’

Victory hands Putin another six-year term | Kremlin critics allege contest was rigged

Stephen Hawking’s deathbed paper could prove multi-universes

One of the world's best-known scientists, who died peacefully at his home in Cambridge aged 76 on March 14, set out the maths needed for a space probe to find…

Israeli stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City, attacker shot dead: report

An Israeli was stabbed and wounded in Jerusalem's Old City on Sunday and an Israeli television station said the suspected attacker was shot dead.

Bigotry in the Bay: Anti-H1B posters grace Silicon Valley’s train network as anti-immigration group says ‘America First’

A group that is opposed to the immigration policies issued by the United States has filled stations in San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) stations and trains with ads…

Caucus New York

Data Firm Tied to Trump Campaign Talked Business With Russians

Cambridge Analytica, a company that developed technology to target voters, has denied having connections to Russia. But evidence suggests otherwise.

Why Are Black Students Punished So Often? Minnesota Confronts a National Quandary

The Trump administration is highlighting the struggles that Minneapolis and St. Paul face with disparities in school discipline, and putting a thumb on the scale.

Before Saudi’s Visit, Administration Implores Congress Not to Block Military Aid

Even as the State Department weighs approval of more than $1 billion in new arms, lawmakers are pushing for a resolution that they say would prevent Washington from giving the Saudis “a blank check.”

Trump Assails Mueller, Drawing Rebukes From Republicans

While President Trump had largely sought to avoid alienating the special counsel in recent months, he has shifted his tone in the past two days.

Middle east NPR

Shelling Continues In Eastern Ghouta

There's talk of a ceasefire to allow food into ravaged Eastern Ghouta in Syria, which has been under siege for five years. NPR's Don Gonyea speaks to Mouaid El Deen about what life is like there.

Syrian Army Seizes More Ground In Eastern Ghouta

The government onslaught on the rebel-held city intensified Saturday. Officials say they've captured Mesraba, effectively cleaving the area into three isolated parts. (Image credit: AP)

Meet The French Priest Documenting Crimes Committed By ISIS Against Yazidis

Father Patrick Desbois has spent a decade uncovering the forgotten, mass graves of the 2 million Jews murdered by the Nazis in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Now he's using his same techniques to document crimes committed by ISIS against the Yazidis.

Novara Media

The Stansted 15 Follow a Long Tradition of Direct Action in the UK – But They Also Go Beyond It

This Monday 15 people are facing trial on terror-related charges for blockading a deportation charter flight last year. They face a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for their action. The ten-hour blockade in a…

Notes From Below: No Politics Without Inquiry!

On #NovaraFM, James Butler is joined by three editors from Notes From Below – Jessica Thorne, Callum Cant and Seth Wheeler – to discuss the history and theory of Workers’ Inquiry and…

Why Is Turkey Attacking Afrin?

“The Rojava revolution is midwife to the birth of another world,” explains writer and feminist Rahila Gupta for CNN. She then quotes Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: “Our mission is to strangle…

With University Staff Forced to Act like Border Guards, Striking Lecturers Must Show Solidarity with Yarl’s Wood

Women in Yarl’s Wood have now been on hunger strike for three weeks, demanding better conditions inside the centre, as well as bigger changes to the system, including an end to charter…

“Why We Strike”: First-timers Give Their Reasons

In light of the ongoing UCU strikes, Charlie Macnamara asks university workers taking industrial action for the first time to reflect on their experience. PhD student and tutor at Exeter University. It…

Argentinian Women Might Finally Be Winning the Fight to Decriminalise Abortion

March is always a month of upheaval in Argentinian politics, but this year it has been exceptionally heated. According to organisers, International Women’s Day saw as many as 700,000 women protest in…

Dissent Magazine (Quarterly)

Britain: Universities on Strike

Britain: Universities on Strike British university lecturers are in their fourth week of a militant, historic strike—taking a stand not just against austerity, but for a more humane, democratic higher education system. Christopher Phelps ▪ March 15, 2018 A lecturer on the picket line, February 27 (Bristol UCU / Facebook) An unexpected, historic victory appears to be on the horizon for British university lecturers—the equivalent of professors in…

A Tangle for the Anti-Development Left

A Tangle for the Anti-Development Left Housing debates have long been a mess of ideological contradictions. A far-reaching new bill in California, which would allow for denser construction in areas served by transit, begins to unscramble them. Benjamin Ross ▪ March 14, 2018 A street in Beverly Hills that would be subject to rezoning under SB 827 (Vincent Lammin / Flickr) Housing debates, on the left and on…

Age of Emancipation

Age of Emancipation One of France’s most influential contemporary thinkers, Marcel Gauchet manages to craft a compelling historical account of half a millennium, exploring how we arrived at today’s crisis—and how we might get out. Michael C. Behrent ▪ Winter 2018 Marcel Gauchet speaking in 2016. Photo by Éric Spiridigliozzi. Courtesy Parti Socialiste. L’Avènement de la démocratie (The Advent of Democracy Series) I–IVby Marcel GauchetGallimard, 2007–2017Once upon a…

Reuters World News (for Ref.)

Ireland demands border assurance before Brexit transition deal

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The Irish government demanded on Monday that the European Union ensure Britain is not "backsliding" on an interim accord about the Northern Ireland border before EU leaders offer London a deal on a transition period at a summit on Friday.

Collateral damage: How Trump threw Canada’s refugee system into turmoil

TORONTO (Reuters) - Buffered by three oceans and the United States to the south, Canada has for decades had the luxury of being able to pick and choose its newcomers. So few asylum seekers crossed the U.S. border illegally over the years that Canada didn’t consistently track the numbers.

Israel accuses French consulate employee of smuggling guns to Palestinians

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel said on Monday it had arrested a French citizen, an employee of France's consulate in Jerusalem, on suspicion of using a diplomatic car to smuggle guns from the Islamist Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip to Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

HEALTH – Pain Relief

What causes the outside of your foot to hurt?

Lateral foot pain is pain that runs along the outer side of the foot and ankle. It can occur before, during, or after activities such as walking and running. Lateral foot pain can make it difficult for people to move around or even stand.Lateral foot pain can cause a variety of symptoms, most of which depend on which part of…

Why does my head feel heavy?

A person's head weighs quite a few pounds, made up of the skull, brain tissue, and other matter. And, sometimes, holding up the head can feel like a heavy task.In a neutral or upright position, the average adult head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds, according to the journal Surgical Technology International. However, there are instances when the head can…

How do you know if you have a sprained thumb?

A sprain can occur when a ligament in the thumb is injured or torn. Ligaments connect two bones, forming a joint. A sprain can be very painful and may be confused with a broken bone or a joint problem, such as arthritis.The hand is made up of a complex group of joints, including tendons, ligaments, and muscles. When joints bear…