American conservatives view people as either male or female, and oppose “left wing gender ideology”, the former president says

There are only two genders, and the spread of “woke” ideology in schools and the military must be fought, former US President Donald Trump said on Saturday in a two-hour speech at the Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida.

Trump went on to claim that American conservatives believe in God, “American pride” and other traditional values, unlike “the forces we’re fighting.”

They believe in left wing gender ideology and toxic critical race theory. We believe in two genders. There are men and there are women. Two genders. 

The former president also hinted at plans to seek another term in the White House, saying he won the race before and “now, we may just have to it again.”

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Trump slams US aid to Ukraine

He also slammed President Joe Biden, saying that his watch the US “has gone from the strongest that it has ever been… to perhaps the weakest, especially when you include recognition and respect from all around the world. We’re not respected any longer by anybody.”

Trump has repeatedly slammed left wing gender views in the past, and branded Biden’s gender discrimination act a “crazy” move that damaged women’s sports with “men being allowed to compete.”

The ex-president claimed that women’s records are being “smashed with ease” by transgender competitors whose biological gender is male.

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