Why Left Insider?

Leftinsider shows the latest News from dozens of different New sources all in one place. The sources are marked as Left or Centre. It is the best place to view a selection of unbiased News.We currently have over 44,000 Facebook followers and in our first year we had 154,000 unique visitors to our Website.

What is different about Left Insider?

The News on the site is taken from Leftwing and Centre sources for comparison. The sources are not in the control of the main stream media moguls. The site is hosted on our own independent hosting

How Does it work?

News sources are automatically checked hourly and any new or updated items are taken (with their permission) and shown on Left Insider’s pages. The News items are updated in real time when the publications add more news. This ensures that Left Insider always has the very latest news.

Does Left Insider work on Mobile devices?

We monitor the type of devices that access Left Insider and because the vast majority view the desktop version of the site, due to the high screen resolution of android mobile devices, we have taken the decision to discontinue the lower resolution mobile version. This will allow us to spend more time of the Desktop version of the site.

Does Left Insider have it’s own journalists?

We are gradually increasing the content of Left Insider to include our own content, as our users increase. There are articles from 3 of our own journalists at the moment and we will be increasing that number when more suitable people join our ranks. If you think you would like to contribute with articles please contact us. There is no financial reward as the site is provided free and any costs are covered by donations. Left Insider is an honest News Source not a profit generating business.

How do I use the site?

The main page of the site shows indexes of each of the media sources that are updated automatically in real time. When the publication is updated then so is Left Insider. On the right of each index is a slider which allows you to scroll through the index of items. If you click on a news item it will open with the full article in a new page. If you prefer you can click on the title of a particular news box and the menu will open in more detail on a new page.

Like to know what the Right Wing Media is Saying?

There is a link on the Bottom of the main page that will take you to Mercury News which is part of Left Insider. Mercury News shows on one page the indexes to the News from all the main right wing sources eg Mail, Express, Guardian, Sky News, BBC etc. The menu will open up in a larger version as on Left Insider’s main page and each news item can be opened in a new page.

Please share Leftinsider.uk with all of your friends as the more people that use our site the higher we will climb up the search engines, giving us the chance to get real news out to more people.

Will Left Insider always be Free?

Yes the Website will always be free to use but if people wish to donate the donations will be used to increase the quality of the site. Left Insider is operated on a no profit basis.

Enjoy Leftinsider and feel free to share any articles on Facebook or Twitter

In Solidarity

                  Tony Free (Facebook name Tony Laborman)


© Copyright Tony Free 2018

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