Sacha Baron Cohen is Back: Can a Harmless Prankster Become a Weaponized Troll Against the Right Wing?

The “Borat” creator is back with “Who Is America?” on Showtime Sunday. Is Sacha Baron.

White Woman Calls Cops on Black Man for Listening to Yoga CD in His Car

Now yoga can be added to the list of normal activities black people might engage.

New Mueller Indictments Prove That Donald Trump is an Illegitimate President

Anybody who gets elected to office in this country with the help of the intelligence.

A New Fox News Poll Should Scare the Hell Out of Republicans as 2018 Midterms Loom

The big question is whether a Democratic sweep in November could imperil Trump’s presidency. Fox.

Bulldozed to Death for Growing 10 Marijuana Plants

It’s not marijuana that’s killing people, but marijuana prohibition. Getting caught growing a few pot.

Trump Fears Rosenstein Is a ‘Covert Liberal Trying to Undermine His Presidency’: Report

Click here for reuse options! The president is planning on meeting with Russian President Vladimir.

‘No, Goodbye!’: Newt Gingrich Shamefully Dodges When Asked to Apologize for Debunked and Harmful Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory

Click here for reuse options! Fox News pushed the theory, despite the family’s objections. Former.

Conservative Writer George Will Scorches the Entire GOP: ‘There’s One Republican Leader and the Rest Are Followers’

Click here for reuse options! Trump has subsumed the entire party. The Republican Party once.

This Disgusting Scheme to Enrich Cops by Starving Prisoners May Soon Be Scuttled

Alabama’s sheriffs have been getting rich off of prisoners for decades thanks to pre-World War.

‘A Moment in American History’: Ex-GOP Lawmaker Argues Mueller’s Latest Charges Should Make Us ‘Fearful’ of the President

Click here for reuse options! “We should eject Russian diplomats and we should bring our.