Colombia’s election could shred peace deal

Body:  Kimberley Brown interviews former presidential candidate Piedad Cordoba, who explains the high stakes. FARC.

Will EU copyright law ‘carpet bomb’ the digital world?

Body:  Article 13 of the EU’s Copyright Directive, up for vote on 20 June, will.

‘Catastrophic’ explosion risk on Diego Garcia

Body:  Revealed: Ships at the controversial naval base are crammed dangerously close. Katie McQue reports..

Iran’s youth fear future after Trump abandons nuclear deal

Body:  US foreign policy continues to subjugate the nation’s youth, Daniel Khalili-Tari writes. nuclear weapons.

Argentina’s women fight for safe, free and legal abortion

Body:  The Ni Una Menos movement are making history. Will they succeed in this Wednesday’s.

Malware for humans

Body:  Wars in cyberspace are wars on our minds. JJ Patrick on the murky underworld.

Mixed Media: Film

Body:  The Ciambra directed and written by Jonas Carpignano;In the Fade directed and co-written by.

One belt, one road

  Wayne Ellwood looks at the scale of China’s ’Belt and Road’ juggernaut and its.

In praise of White House dysfunction

Body:  The people Trump has entrusted with significant responsibilities are so vile and dangerous that.

If we all became vegan tomorrow

Body:  The Guardian repeats the myth that becoming vegan is the ‘single biggest way’ to.