Interview With Laura Pidcock MP

We had the enormous pleasure of being joined by Laura Pidcock MP on Monday’s Fix..

Steve Kinnock: Leader, Captain, Legend

Max Shanly and Matt Zarb-Cousin record the second episode of All The Best in the.

The Budget Special With Laura Pidcock MP

Tonight on The Fix join Laura Pidcock MP, Aaron Bastani, Eleanor Penny and Michael Walker.

Climate Change Is Class War – and Fighting It Is a Workers’ Struggle

From flooding in South Asia and Sierra Leone to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, extreme weather.

Richard Leonard and the Long Rise of Scottish Socialism

It’s an hour since Richard Leonard won the Scottish Labour leadership with 57% of the.

Fully Automated Green Communism

The coming out party for climate change as an issue of global relevance was the.

Sovereignty, Austerity, Nationalism: Britain and Europe

On #NovaraFM, Dawn Foster and Michael Walker join James Butler to discuss some of the.

You Say You Want a Revolution? 1997 and the Future That Never Happened

Noel Gallagher was celebrating Labour’s election victory with his girlfriend, Meg Matthews, at their home.

The Bitter Fruit of Andalucia

Visible from space, the vast concentration of plastic greenhouses in Almeria supply more than half.

Labour and Migration: No More Racing to the Bottom

In the 2015 leadership contest, Jeremy Corbyn stood on a platform that promised honest politics..