Against Adult Supremacy: The Anti-Capitalist Case for Child Liberation

Two British women die weekly as a result of domestic violence. Activists rightly situate their.

Fake News and Woke Fees

On this episode of The Fix Live Aaron Bastani and James Butler discuss the Corbyn.

The Elite Stands to Lose Everything – No Wonder ‘Defeat Socialism’ is Its New Mission

Like the glowing end of a Morland cigarette, the Corbyn spy smear has burned brightly.

Towards a Radical Infrastructure: Counter-Reforming Higher Education

‘The tide is starting to turn’. Students are demonstrating for the decidedly non-utopian demand of.

Taking It Back: Public Ownership in the 21st Century

  On #NovaraFM, James Butler is joined by Grace Blakeley, Aaron Bastani and Michael Walker.

The Sound of Neoliberalism: Cost-cutting Falls on Cleaners at Royal College of Music

“You give us a problem and we will solve it”. This is the claim Tenon.

For the SPD to Learn From Labour, It Has to Grasp What Kind of World We’re In

An earlier version of this article appeared in Der Freitag on 8 February 2017. The.

Cold Comfort: Privatisation Is Running the NHS Into the Ground

This is part three of Cold Comfort, a regular series covering the NHS winter crisis.

The Straight White Man Who‘s Upset He Can’t Go to Labour’s Equalities Conference Does Not Exist

Max Shanly and Matt Zarb-Cousin are joined by Ash Sarkar to chat the snowflake right,.

Is Capitalism Ruining Women’s Sex Lives?

Capitalism fucks women — and not in a good way. You might think that statement obvious..