Grenfell: One Year On

One year on from the Grenfell Tower fire, James Butler is joined by Guardian columnist.

‘Macron is attacking everyone, and everyone is fighting back’: Interview with a Union Organiser in France

Tiziri Kandi is an officer with the hotel workers’ branch of the CGT – a.

To Brexit and Beyond

Brexit day looms ever closer, and we still don’t know what we’re getting. The Tories.

What Is Abolition?

Oonagh Ryder and Sam Swann finish this season of The Lockdown with a recap of.

African Oil in the City: a New Kind of Colonialism

Back in May, parliament voted for an amendment requiring overseas territories to introduce public ownership.

“If a Career Is All That Matters to You, Then Why the Hell Would You Choose Politics?”

Max Shanly and Matt Zarb-Cousin are joined by journalist, commentator and socialist firebrand Ellie O’Hagan,.

QUITALY? on Italy Exiting Europe

QUITALY = Quit-Italy On this episode of #TyskySour Michael Walker and Aaron Bastani are joined.

#OurUCU: The Real Culmination of the UCU’s ‘Turnaround Year’

At this year’s University and College Union congress, a handful of motions which either directly.