Republicans step up defense of ‘not qualified’ judicial nominees

Senate Republicans have declared war on the American Bar Association. Since 1953, the venerable legal.

Pence to host Flake and other GOP senators for dinner ahead of tax vote

The meeting at Vice President Mike Pence’s residence will include four GOP senators, according to.

Inside the ‘Lewandowski embassy’

Corey Lewandowski has a new base of operations in Washington: an elegant, century-old rowhouse that.

Woman accuses Moore of assaulting her when she was 16

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter NEW YORK — An Alabama woman said Senate candidate.

Inside the Podesta Group’s last days

Less than two weeks after Tony Podesta stepped down as chairman, the firm he founded.

Cohn says he’s still a Democrat

Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council, on Thursday said his relationship with the.

Bolton writes in op-ed he can’t get in to see Trump anymore

John Bolton, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, said in his op-ed that.

Judge dismisses Palin defamation lawsuit against New York Times

A lawsuit brought by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin against The New York Times was.

Reines leaves consulting firm to protest Trump full time

Philippe Reines has been helping to oversee Clinton’s book launch and tour, and said he.

Obama, opening his foundation’s first summit, calls for fixing civic culture

“The moment we’re in right now, politics is the tail and not the dog,” former.