Don’t let Uber take you for a ride

Since its inception in 2012, Uber has operated on the fringes of regulation, thumbing its.

Acid Corbynism’s next steps: building a socialist dance culture

The term ‘Acid Corbynism’ has created a fair amount of intrigue since its announcement as.

Flooding the cradle of civilisation: A 12,000 year old town in Kurdistan battles for survival

The town of Hasankeyf. Photo: Wikimedia Commons In Kurdistan, one of the world’s most controversial.

New model activism: Putting Labour in office and the people in power

This article is taken from the new issue of Red Pepper, looking at the debates.

By trying to stop Catalonia’s referendum, they’ve sparked something much bigger

Protesters defend the headquarters of the left pro-independence party CUP. Photo: Oriol Clavera Across Barcelona.

What is ‘free movement plus’?

The left and labour movement have long recognised that Brexit threatens those workers’ rights guaranteed.

The World Transformed: Red Pepper’s pick of the festival

Red Pepper’s special issue, guest edited by The World Transformed’s organisers, contains a range of.

Labour’s NEC has started to empower party members – but we still have a mountain to climb

Delegates debating motions at Labour Party conference last year. Photo: Rwendland/Wikimedia Commons The rule changes.

Working class theatre: Save Our Steel takes the stage

Jason May (Rob), Sion Tudor Owen (Mark) and Simon Nehan (Kevin) in We’re Still Here..