40 years after the Alma Ata Declaration, let’s remember that healthcare is a global right

A young girl waits outside the registration centre at Tante Health Post located in Bajura.

Battle of the ZAD

The Zad: The story so far The Zad (zone à defendre, zone to defend) was.

A world for the many, not the few

Illustration by Andrzej Krauze This essay is available in the latest edition of Red Pepper.

Grenfell Tower and the long crisis of social housing

Photo by Nico Hogg As I write, the charred remains of Grenfell Tower loom over.

New battlegrounds in the class war

Over two warm days in mid-May, staff at the Dagenham Tesco’s distribution centre went on.

The Windrush Scandal proves the government can’t be trusted to renegotiate our border policies

Amber Rudd took a bullet for Theresa May in the immediate aftermath the Windrush scandal,.

Roadmap for radicals

A 15M assembly in Barcelona. Photo: Víctor Manuel Espinosa. Mel Evans and Kevin Smith interview.

‘Do not resign, the mandem need you’: The story of #grime4corbyn

In what would turn out to be a cataclysmic decision, in April 2017, Conservative Prime.

Does Israel have a ‘right to self-defence’ against Gaza?

On 1 June 2018, Razan al-Najjar—a 21 year-old paramedic—was shot dead by an Israeli sniper.

Spain’s new laws turn peaceful protesters into terrorists

‘Indignados’. Photo by Julien Lagarde. Over the past two weeks, Catalonia has witnessed the arrests.