“Europe As A Solution To Nationalism” by Manuel Muñiz

Manuel Muñiz José Ortega y Gasset, one of Spain’s pre-eminent intellectuals of the 20th century,.

“Australian Labor: Winning By Rejecting Institutionalisation” by Tim Dixon

Tim Dixon What is the historic position of the Australian Labor Party within the country’s.

“Stumbling From Crisis To Crisis: The EU, The Eurozone And Brexit” by Martin Wolf

Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator of the Financial Times, at the Minda de Gunzburg Center.

“UK Labour: Credibly Redefining Left Of Centre” by Colin Crouch

Colin Crouch What would you say is the historic position of the Labour Party in.

“EU Must Do More For Its Young NEETs” by Georgios Koulouris

Georgios Koulouris Poverty was earlier a key (but not exclusive) issue for the international community,.

“Europe – A World-Class Place To Live And Work?” by Juan Menéndez-Valdés

Juan Menéndez-Valdés ‘A world-class place to live and work.’ That is how President Juncker described.

“Why Romania Will Not Become A New Poland” by Ana Catauta

Ana Catauta The risk of Romania becoming a new Poland, concerning issues related to the.

“Completing EMU And Protecting Public Investment” by Andrej Stuchlik

For many today, debating institutional adjustments to the European Monetary Union embodies typical Brussels solipsism..

“Inequality More Than Matters” by Javier López

Javier López Inequality is the biggest challenge of our time. It undermines social confidence and.

“Universal Basic Income: Definitions And Details” by Malcolm Torry

Malcolm Torry On November 23, Social Europe published an article by Bo Rothstein entitled ‘UBI:.