The Tories have made the crisis in our schools so bad that volunteers are now having to renovate them [TWEETS]

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner says the education system is in “chaos” and “crisis”. And the situation.

The latest Brexit u-turn provokes war inside the government. Again. [TWEETS]

The Conservative government’s latest announcement to put the final Brexit bill before parliament has provoked.

May and Johnson reveal embarrassing split over alleged Russia meddling [TWEETS]

In her Lord Mayor’s banquet speech, Theresa May accused Russia of meddling in “our democracies”..

Grenfell neighbours have told The Canary their council’s new re-housing proposals are a ‘failure’ [VIDEO]

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) is drafting a rehousing policy; and it threatens.

12 words from a Labour MP just blew the Paradise Papers wide open

In the House of Commons, 12 words from Labour MP Margaret Hodge just blew the.

Theresa May made a major mistake in her Lord Mayor’s speech. We’ve fixed it for her. [VIDEO]

Prime Minister Theresa May made a speech at the Lord Major’s Banquet on 13 November..

A prominent economist just explained how a Labour government will boost Britain’s economy

Economist and former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis just explained why a Labour government could.

The poorer you are the more screwed you are. And things are getting worse.

An influential member of the House of Lords has issued a stark warning about rising.

Angry bigots are putting up ‘it’s okay to be white’ signs all over the place [IMAGES]

White supremacists are putting up “it’s okay to be white” signs across US towns and.

Spoof news sites announce they will no longer publish articles about Theresa May

Spoof news sites The Onion and The Daily Mash have announced they will no longer publish.