Bank branch closures are pushing the poorest communities into the hands of payday lenders

Highstreet banks should be compelled to lend in all the communities from which they are.

Bosses are keeping workers on zero hours contracts for years. This is how precarity becomes normalised

And most don’t choose this ‘flexibility’: the vast majority would prefer a job with fixed.

Like thousands of Palestinian children, Ahed Tamimi is denied justice by Israel. Here are the facts

Every year, between 500 and 700 children are being denied their fundamental human right to.

Student solidarity: over 60% of students support striking university staff

And just 2% think university staff are to blame for the industrial action, a YouGov.

The Women’s Equality Party have sacked a feminist academic over this transgender debate

The Women’s Equality Party have dismissed a feminist academic at the centre of a transgender.

This secretive Tory group is stepping up its campaign for a slash-and-burn Brexit

More than 60 hard-right Conservative MPs have written to the Prime Minister demanding a slash-and-burn.

We may see more Carillion-style collapses and it’s because of this outdated financial model

Like companies the world over, Carillion used Black-Scholes to value securities – a highly risky.

Public support for re-nationalising rail is growing after the East Coast line debacle

A new poll reveals the vast majority of the public think Chris Grayling messed up.

Let’s be clear: precarious work can be deadly. Here’s how we’re fighting it in London

DPD courier Don Lane died after missing doctors appointments because he felt under pressure to.

Gerard Batten is final proof that the Party’s over for UKIP

He comes to lead the party with a long history of anti-Muslim views and associations..