UK workers demand release of Julian Assange, support international vigils

“Assange has been imprisoned for more than a third of my lifetime. Teenagers of today.

Thousands across US rally against Trump administration’s attacks on immigrant families

Rallies took place across the country on Thursday and Friday as reports spread of the.

Report documents abuse of Chinese workers at Foxconn supplier plant for Amazon

China Labor Watch has exposed the barbaric and illegal practices on which Amazon relies to.

Thousands gather to mark first anniversary of Grenfell Tower inferno

SEP campaigners won a warm response to the WSWS Perspective on the anniversary of the.

Fifty years of the Socialist Equality Party of Sri Lanka

The fulcrum of the 50-year struggle of the RCL/SEP has been the fight for the.

Jailing of ex-Trump campaign manager signals new stage in Washington’s political wars

The jailing of Manafort expresses the ferocious character of the struggle that is raging between.

Omaha Public Schools board cuts $29 million from budget

The slashing of funding for the largest school district in Nebraska will result in the.

Writer Steven Brust on Assange: “I salute his personal courage and integrity”

Steven Brust is a prominent fantasy and science fiction writer, the author of 31 books,.

Sri Lankan artists speak out in defence of Julian Assange

Lakshman Mendis, Bertie B. Kudahetti, Ratnasiri Paranawithana and Bartholameuse Wimalaratne endorse the international campaign to.

Join the June 17 demonstration in Sydney and June 19 rallies to defend WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange

The rallies and vigils will be important contributions to the development of an ongoing campaign.