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DUP = Deluded, Uncompromising Pariahs

The best window into the mind of the DUP, and that of the almost 300,000 people in Northern Ireland who faithfully vote for them at elections, which crystallises their mentality most succinctly and demonstrates not only their sole objection to the Brexit deal but also their entire political raison d'etre, came in 1998 when Ali G interviewed Sammy Wilson:

Ali G: "Are you Irish?"

Sammy Wilson: "No I'm British"

Ali G: "Are you here on holiday then?"

Baron Cohen here is fulfilling the function of The Fool from King Lear in pointing out reality by highlighting the absurd disassociation that arises from a person's own world-view.

Now, twenty years on, Unionism has slowly begun to re-appraise its attitude to the whole notion of Irishness.  Gusty Spence, head of the Loyalist Military Command famously admonished those for claiming not to be Irish, whilst himself learning the Irish language.  Yet for many of those in the DUP, who having been born and spent their whole lives in Ireland before taking their seats in parliament where they thunder away in Irish accents, get offended when referred to as Irish.  For most people this demonstrates a disturbing level of ideologically underpinned disassociation.  That is, they're a bit crazy.  I

It's not just that Ireland, for thousands of years, up until the Penal laws had developed as an economically, linguistically, geographically, and culturally distinct society from Britain (as much as say French or Spanish), but even after centuries of British suppression of differences between the cultures, new and culturally distinct forms of Irishness emerged as a result of colonialism itself.  What could be more Irish than an Orange March, for example?  So the DUP's goal of trying to engineer the political apparatus in order to pretend that Northern Ireland is no different from the rest of the United Kingdom is utterly futile.  It always was and always will be.  Northern Ireland always had a border with Britain down the Irish Sea.  It's called the Irish Sea.

Thatcher, in her war against Irish Republicanism, indulged DUP fantasies of Northern Ireland being no different from the rest of the United Kingdom when she claimed that Northern Ireland was as British as her own constituency of Finchley.  Anyone who'd been to Finchley, and the Bog side, Portadown, or South Armagh during the 1980s would be aware of how absurd that remark was.

Now, in the latest Brexit impasse we have a political party that represents less than 0.4% of the UK population holding the rest of the country to ransom because they don't want to acknowledge that where they live always was and will be different to the rest of Britain.  God forbid that legislature should recognize that glaring reality.  Indulging the DUP's delusion that Northern Ireland is no different to any other part of the UK and every measure should be taken to stop it being treated as different isn't useful.  It's time the DUP were shaken hard and pointed toward a mirror: look hard at the face of Irishness that is an embarrassment to the Irish everywhere.