Published On: Tue, Feb 16th, 2021

Join the vanguard!

Join the vanguard

New Internationalist is truly people-powered. Four years ago, thousands of you joined us as co-owners. Thanks to that amazing support we didn’t just survive, we thrived.

There were some big changes and our magazine – we are told – has never been better.

Then Covid-19 hit. Over the past year, against the odds, we have continued to publish our unique solutions-focused journalism but, like so many other publishers, the pandemic has set us back.

Now it’s crunch time. Guided by our reader-owners around the world, we’re going back to basics, investing in our core journalism while overhauling our business to keep the voice of New Internationalist alive.

Key to this will be growing the New Internationalist family.

Whether you’re a co-owner looking for a way to help, interesting in joining us or just curious to find out more, to be part of this next chapter sign up to hear for updates:

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