Rant 3: Socialism is not a Broad Church

Rant 3: Socialism is not a broad Church – Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
The Labour Conference was such a success that we were able to ignore the fact that the last remaining Blairites had decided it was best to bow to Corbyn. We knew that their clothes had changed but not their hearts. We must be very wary of those who only days or weeks ago were saying that Corbyn should not be the leader.
Some commentators suggest that Corbyn’s success is due to his personality alone and it has nothing to do with his policies and they are way off the mark. This false idea is being sown gently by the party’s new Laboour residue. Mark my words that they will, at some point, put up a neo-liberal as Corbyn’s successor. Don’t listen to their protests that they now support Corbyn. Their current plan is clear to me. They are presenting a Corbyn friendly face to the world while carrying a picture of Blair in their pockets. You must decide for yourself on the sincerety of Tom Watson’s “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” Glastonbury awakening. What about Sadiq Khan and his sudden change of heart? Then there is careerist Andy Burnham who bit his tongue for months knowing that anyone anti Corbyn would not get elected as Manchester Mayor. At some point he will appear from the safely of his Mayor’s office door, to pay two faced homage to Corbyn.
If socialism is going to succeed in this country we need leaders who are real socialists to take the party into the future. Self seeking right wingers who pretend that they think Corbyn is great must drift into a shame filled past. Socialism is not a broad church. Either you are a socialist or you are not. The dust has only recently finally settled on the Blair principle that pretence of being a Tory to get power followed by putting in place socialist policies was the only way. It was always a lie. When Labour finally got power the socialist policies did not appear, just a succession of even further right policies. Labour party membership dropped to unheard of levels making it even easier to push through his right wing policies.
Gordon Brown’s working families tax credits seemed to be great for the lower paid. But it was not the lower paid that really benefitted. The policy was supposed to last a few years as employers were expected to bring their wages up to proper levels. That was never going to happen voluntarily. What happened was that employers simply paid less and used the state to top up the wages bill. No legislation was brought in force employers to pay realistic wages.
Also we must not forget Housing benefit. Was it designed to help poorer people afford to pay their rent? No it was not. It was designed to subsidise landlords who simply hiked up rents knowing that the state would pay the difference between affordable and excessive. There was a reason why proper legislation was not used to control these greedy landlords. The New Labour policies were never intended to be socialist. They were there to help employers and landlords and to keep house prices high. The fact of the intention to keep house prices high was confirmed by Blair’s refusal to build the desperately needed council homes that would have forced property prices down. The truth is that Housing Benefit and Working Tax Credit only masqueraded as socialist polices. They were designed to help landlords and employers.
We have lots of talent within the ranks of party members who recognised what Corbyn is about since that first leadership debate. We can manage without charismatic personalities who could win oscars for their performances in pretending that they now support Corbyn. They are simply waiting for him to either fall or step aside.
Corbyn has all the qualities needed for a present day leader and the socialist policies to take the Labour Party forward long into the future. I firmly believe that there is a decent socialist within all people just waiting to be awakened…..Tony Laborman