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By admin On Friday, January 22nd, 2021

Prem Sikka: To level up and boost the economy, let’s tax ‘capital gains’ like we do income

Under the impact of the Covid pandemic, the UK economy is heading towards a double-dip recession. The key to economic recovery is that ordinary people must have good purchasing power to buy goods and services. Yet More...

By admin On Thursday, January 7th, 2021

Iranian press review: Soleimani killers should ‘live like Salman Rushdie’

Iranian press review: Soleimani killers should ‘live like Salman Rushdie’ Meanwhile, Iran’s conservatives have a 10-year plan for power and air pollution is killing over 30,000 a year  More...

By admin On Wednesday, January 6th, 2021

‘We’re nothing like the rest of the world’: Australian disease physician says they ‘certainly don’t want to rush’ Covid vaccine

An Australian infectious disease physician shot down calls for the country to roll out a Covid-19 vaccination program faster than planned, arguing that Australia is in a different position to other nations. “We More...

By admin On Wednesday, January 6th, 2021

Video: Tories ramp up campaign to blame NHS for Johnson’s COVID disaster – and Tory MP deletes ‘like’ of tweet saying ‘NHS must go’

Former Tory MP Matthew Parris appears on Sky to exonerate catastrophic PM – while MP Lucy Allan quietly deletes ‘like’ of tweet calling for abolition of NHS ‘Operation Absolve Boris’ More...

By admin On Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

‘Cancel culture is like a medieval mob’: Mr. Bean blasts the woke brigade and social media giants for increasing polarization

British comedy icon Rowan Atkinson has said online mob justice makes him “fear for the future” and lashed out at the algorithmically generated outrage perpetuated by social media platforms. In a recent interview More...

By admin On Monday, January 4th, 2021

Danish govt backs delaying 2nd dose of Covid-19 vaccine like UK, despite safety concerns from Pfizer

Denmark will follow the UK in delaying administering second doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 jab beyond the recommended 21-day period, despite safety warnings from the manufacturer against altering the vaccine More...

By admin On Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

Humans of the GREAT RESET: What the future MIGHT look like in 2021 – if the controlling elites have their way

With vaccine rollouts underway, humanity looks set to win the fight against the coronavirus. But some elites planning a post-coronavirus ‘Great Reset’ don’t want to go back to normal. Here’s what they have More...

By admin On Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

‘Very sensible’: Elon Musk cheers as German politicians call for curbing of eco-lawsuits like the one targeting Giga Berlin

German politicians argue for limiting the right of environmental associations to file class action suits against large construction projects. The debate was welcomed by Elon Musk, whose Gigafactory near Berlin came More...

By admin On Monday, December 28th, 2020

‘He’s going for a jog, shoot his legs’: Brits imagine what ‘Tier 5’ could look like amid rumours of even tougher lockdown

Twitter has gone into panic mode as users shared their wildest ideas of what a Tier 5 lockdown could bring amid rumours of the British government announcing new restrictions. The highest level of restrictions on More...

By admin On Monday, December 21st, 2020

Labour’s bizarre call-centre ‘rewards’ programme show what politically bankrupt looks like

Can you replace passion and vision with ‘4,000 calls to join a Zoom with Starmer or Rayner’? The bizarre, arid landscape of the centrist Labour party has again been revealed as the party’s leadership More...