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How was Tony Blair ever the leader of the Labour party? In 2013 Blair bought a £30 Million Private jet. In 2015 Blair’s biggest company, set up by Tony Blair to manage his business affairs, halved its tax bill to less than £300,000 on income of more than £14 million, with almost £13m written off as “administrative expenses.” according to the accounts. The accounts for Windrush Ventures Ltd., one of a number of companies set up by Mr Blair to manage his commercial interests, show the former prime minister enjoyed a bumper year. The accounts show more than £ million held in cash by the company and £.4 million held in shareholders’funds. Mr Blair is Windrush Venture’ ultimate and sole shareholder. No doubt the accounts of the rest of Blair’ companies will show some interesting information. I don’ think that anyone now whether Centrist  or Tory could associate the name Blair with socialism.

The ugly face of capitalism.